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How to keep yourself busy over spring break

As you watch all your friends leave for vacation to Disney or the Bahamas, do not complain about how you have nowhere to go and then make plans to stay in bed all day. Instead, make spring break 2015 the best it can be.

Think of all the things you have wanted to do, but just have not had the time for.

Number one is the very popular yet dreaded spring cleaning. It may not seem like the most fun thing to do over break, but it can actually be quite interesting. You will never know what you can find in the back of your closet.

Put on some upbeat music and get excited to clean. Start off by cleaning the big cluttered surfaces, and then move onto the inner messes in your drawers and closet.

Get rid of the clothes you have not worn in a long time. Organize your shelves and drawers, and color-coordinate your clothes.

Now that you have cleaned out your room and gotten rid of the old stuff, go shopping! Find some friends who are as bored as you are and hit the mall or nearby stores.

Maybe instead of cleaning your room, redecorate it. Make some DIY’s and redecorate your room just the way you have always wanted it to be.

Freshman Sahitya Gandhe says, “The only thing I know I’m doing over break is cleaning and reorganizing my room. All the months of neglect are coming to an end now that spring break is almost here.”

Another idea is to try something new. Do not be afraid to go out and explore. If you have had your eye on something, but are too scared to try it – whether it is trying a spicy food dish or going bungee jumping – now is your time.

Though the weather is not fit for swimming, going to the beach can really set the spring break mood. Walk on the boardwalk, get some food, and enjoy the view.

If you are not much of a beach person, go to an amusement park that is not too far from you. Take a group of friends and go on rides, waste money on games you will never win, and eat tons of junk food.

One thing students of all ages can do is some studying. If you are not doing so well in a class, try to catch up over break. Go to the library, form a study group with some friends and study together. Take advantage of the days you have off and use them to do some homework or read notes for a test you know you will have in the future.

My favorite activity is spending time with an old friend. Invite a friend over and throw the classic sleepover that involves no sleeping and lots of catching up. Have a movie marathon, braid each other’s hair, and talk about life.

Freshman Jackalyn Durante says, “I never have enough time to hang out with my friends during school, so I need to do some serious catching up over break. Sleepovers are probably the best way to do that.”

How bad does staying home over spring break seem now?

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