How to get famous people to notice you on twitter

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Social Media Coordinator 

Twitter is a great way to talk to people who reside all over the world, living many different lifestyles. Most (if not all) of us love Twitter because it is a great way to interact with our favorite authors, singers, producers, actors, dancers, et cetera.

We follow our favorite celebrities and hope that somehow, we can catch their attention to give us a reply, favorite, retweet, or even follow us. We long to be able to have conversations with the people we look up to.

Is it possible to overact with your idols through twitter? Yes! I am living proof! Over the past few years I have interacted with a great handful of ‘celebrities,’ and people always ask me how I do it. Well, here is how:

1. Stop the spam. People often think that sending the same tweet over and over again with a different number at the end is the best way to catch someone’s attention. It is not. All it does is get on the person’s nerves.

2. Remember that these ‘celebrities’ are still people! They like to be asked questions and be told nice things to make them smile or laugh. Crack a joke or two––say something that shows you care about their life.

3. Be observant and see what it takes to get a favorite, retweet, reply, or follow from the person. If you find that your favorite actor LOVES inspirational quotes, send him a few each day. You never know what could happen!

4. Do not tweet the person “FOLLOW ME!” because that is just annoying. If someone were to tweet you, begging for you to follow their account over and over again, would you? Or would you get annoyed and block them instead?

5. Realize that some celebrities choose not to follow fans because they do not want an overflow of fan messages on their dashboard or in their direct messages. If your favorite singer only follows 500 accounts, and the majority of them are ‘celebrities,’ you might not have a chance of getting a follow. Instead, make your goal getting a reply.

6. Put yourself out there. Do not expect your favorite ‘celebrity’ to interact with you if you only tweet once or twice a week and then give up. I am not saying tweet them thousands of tweets a week either, but find a happy medium. There is a huge chance that MANY other people are in the same boat as you, fishing for a reply.

7. Try to stand out. Do not interact with this person like all of their other followers and supporters do; instead, make yourself known.

8. Speak your mind (as long as it is positive and not negative). If you absolutely loved an actress’ performance, tweet her and tell her. It is always nice to have great feedback and see positivity and, as a matter of fact, this is how I received my follow from Oscar Award Winner Octavia Spencer.

9. Send in questions! Sometimes writers, actors, and singers find time to make videos (or answer questions live at events) and answer various fan questions. If this is the case, send in as many creative questions as you can. This is how I earned my replies from pop sensation One Direction and “Hercules” star Kellan Lutz!

Currently, I have follows from British singer Olly Murs, actress Octavia Spencer, actor Kellan Lutz, songwriter Savan Kotecha, GloZell (the youtube star!), and Applebee’s (yes, the restaurant has a twitter). I have interacted with these six accounts, along with many others including actor Charlie Rowe (in Red Band Society), author Neal Shusterman, actor Justin Baldoni (from “Jane the Virgin”), singer Mikey Deleasa, singer Blake Lewis (from “American Idol” a few years ago), Ellen DeGeneres’ executive producer Andy Lassner, and Louis Tomlinson’s grandfather Keith (who also happens to follow me).

Follow these tips and you are bound to catch your favorite celebrity’s attention. Whose attention are you going to try to get first? Have you had any luck yet?

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