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Halsey’s journey from ‘Badlands’ to ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’

Popular musical artist Halsey has fans waiting impatiently with pure excitement as she announces the first installment of her upcoming tour following her new album release on June 2.

Moving on from 2015 album “Badlands,” she transitions over to her sophomore album “hopeless fountain kingdom.” Two songs from “hopeless fountain kingdom” named “Now or Never” and “Eyes Closed” give fans a taste of the music yet to come. The beat of both songs gives a soft, more rock-like sound, which makes anyone want to get up and dance on stage with Halsey.

Halsey started her singing career on YouTube singing covers from Taylor Swift and indie-rock band The 1975. Soon after, she had gained a growing fanbase who even helped sell out her first tour “American Youth Tour” with Young Rising Sons. The tour also helped Halsey gain new listeners to her music, as the fans who had seen her perform urged many others on social media to give her a listen.

Her first EP “Room 93” dropped on October 27, 2014 with four songs. The song “Ghost” from the EP slowly gained popularity as it was played around iTunes Radio.

During the winter of 2015, she tweeted she would be producing an album following “Room 93” called “Badlands.” The first song released off the album was “Hold Me Down.” Fans immediately went to iTunes and purchased the song, along with preordering the album.

Halsey had told interviewers that “Badlands,” just outside “Room 93,” was a reference to her state of mind while writing the album. It gave a physical place as a metaphor for a desolate and lonely mind.

“Badlands” sold over 197,000 copies and 40,000 preorders in just one week. In addition, the album peaked to number two on the Billboard Hot 100. Songs like “Ghost,” “New Americana,” and “Colors” reached number one on iTunes and Billboard’s charts for the most played and bought.

Sophomore Zach Pandolfi says, “‘Badlands’ was a good album. I listened to ‘New Americana’ a lot and enjoyed other songs from her album. ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Eyes Closed’ from ‘hopeless fountain kingdom’ makes me have high hopes for new, good music from Halsey.”

Following the album’s success, Halsey had launched a European and North American tour divided into three installments called “Badlands Tour.” The first installment started in San Diego on September 30, 2015. Its second installment took place in Europe. The third installment was concluded as she toured in the U.S. once again until August 13, 2016 when she had sold out all of Madison Square Garden.

The “Badlands Tour” was truly an amazing experience. The energy given off from Halsey and the crowd felt like being surrounded with all the love in the world. She spoke words of inspiration and embraced everyone, no matter their sexuality, race, or gender. Everyone, including myself, enjoyed the performance she gave us. Halsey mentioned several times the devastation in Orlando involving the Pulse Night Club.

Halsey said, “We started this tour during a tremendous amount of tragedy that struck this country and the rest of the world… It’s a hard time to be yourself right now, but if you are in this crowd and staring me back in the face, I want you to be proud of your skin, of your god, and of your lover.”

Throughout the rest of August 2016 to mid April 2017, she had been on a deserving break seeing as she had played 85 shows in total on her year-long tour. During her time off, she did not stop writing new music. She has finally announced that her new album will be dropping with a tour soon following after.

Junior Grace Fairbairn says, “I am definitely ready for Halsey to finally drop a new album. She is so different compared to what’s trending today, so hearing what she has coming out is really exciting.”

“hopeless fountain kingdom” is something worth waiting for with patience and anticipation until it finally launches June 2.

How do Halsey’s words inspire you?

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