‘Gone Girl’ has a great plot, but falls short at the end

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“Gone Girl” opened internationally on October 3 to a warm box office welcome, bringing in over $85M, effortlessly surpassing the $60M budget.

Starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, this movie was exceptionally well-acted and kept the viewer hooked until the very end, where it unfortunately fell short.

The movie opens up to the haunting scene of Affleck slowly realizing that his beloved wife has gone missing.

What seems like a classic abduction turns into a race to find the perpetrator, who the police believe to be Affleck’s character. In reality, though, the situation is even more twisted and calculated than anyone initially anticipated. The plot, along with your own idea on who could have done it, twists and turns a million times until the real events from that day are finally revealed.

WARNING: The rest of this article WILL contain spoilers. Sorry.

Affleck leads the cast in this wild goose chase, effectively making his character just suspect enough that he is not ruled out, but also a very genuine and even somewhat likable.

“I love Ben Affleck. He’s so good in every movie he is in,” says senior Anne Ballman.

While Affleck shines in this role, the real star is the deranged character Pike creates. Pike is somehow able to play a character with a million different personalities that all somehow correlate brilliantly with one another.

I had never heard of Pike before this movie, but I am sure everyone will be hearing a lot more of this name in the near future.

“I love it when actors and actresses really just lose themselves in the roles they play. There’s only a slight difference between good acting and great acting, and the actors who actually become their characters are the great ones,” says senior Kirsten Pasewaldt.

While the overall plot was interesting and suspenseful, the ending fell completely short to all that came before it. The movie was extremely long, and the ending did not make up for the terrible ending.

Pike’s deranged character is the one to hate, and just when you think she is about to die, SHE DOES NOT. It was a complete disappointment.

It was clear that whoever wrote this story chose the artsy route for the conclusion, and it was not the correct route to choose, if you ask me. It is always best to give the viewer what they want, and even though her living probably had some stupid deeper meaning, after two and a half hours of growing completely opposed to this woman’s existence, it is only customary to kill her off.

Aside from the shoddy ending, the movie was overall enjoyable and exciting. Plus, Affleck is in it. However, it is pretty racy, so I would not recommend seeing this one with your parents. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.

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