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‘Gone Girl’ gets you going

by JADA MINAYA Section Editor

You may have seen and been left in bemusement due to the movie, but the novel “Gone Girl” is a different story (not literally).

After reading the surprising, yet pleasantly well-written novel by talented author Gillian Flynn, my adoration for “Gone Girl” was most certainly strengthened. Many have watched the movie, either loving it or utterly perplexed by the ending, not sure how to scrutinize it. For those who are confused or just love it and cannot get enough, read the book.

If you want a summary and plot of the book and movie, simply visit Wikipedia or, I don’t know, WATCH IT. However, if you have watched the movie and have yet to read the book, I will inform you on the differences.


The book is written in alternating chapters written by Nick Dunne and Amy Elliot Dunne, noting the chronology of each event. In the book, there are more diary entries compared to the scenes in the movie, revealing a facade of Amy Elliot Dunne.

From the angle of Nick Dunne’s chapters, you see him struggling to find his wife and notably falling in love with her all over again due to the clues left in the treasure hunt, something they failed to include in the movie, as well as his thoughts throughout the whole process.

Once Nick has figured out that his wife is playing him for a fool, the process starts to speed up. We finally come to the point in the novel where Amy reveals herself to the readers, explaining her thought process through the whole scandal and how she achieved her pranks. Unlike in the movie, you receive a much better explanation from Amy as to why she is doing what she is doing, and her background.

There are many more stories and examples giving the reader a better understanding of the situation and Amy’s intentions, unlike in the movie, where viewers are confused and do not know her motives.

“When I read the book, I understood Amy so much better. I thought she was crazy in the movie, but she explained everything, and I appreciated her character more,” said senior Corinne Franchette.

In the book, the reader can begin to relate to Amy as you know her every thought and reaction to every event that happens. Things make more sense to the reader compared to the movie. When Nick is narrating, his thoughts and reactions are much more obvious as well. Readers connect to the characters more.

Also, when the characters interact with one another, their internal reactions are juxtaposed in the alternating chapter, entertaining the readers and simulating relatable interactions with each other, making the novel very realistic.

“The book is almost like real life. The author did such a great job at emphasizing the narrators’ thoughts. You have an overall understanding at everything,” said senior Bree McKenna.

Overall, the book is much more detailed, better understanding, which gives the reader a broader view on the storyline of “Gone Girl”.

If you have yet to see the movie, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good thriller and plot twist.

What is your reaction to “Gone Girl”?

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