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Giuliana Rancic makes a fool of herself yet again

Giuliana Rancic has once again proven to the world that she is unfit to be anywhere near the camera as she hosted the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards on May 17.

It was actually painful to sit and watch the two hour special, as she and co-host Terrance Jennings proceeded to ask illiterate questions that left some celebrities actually speechless at their stupidity.

The pair seemed to have multiple feet to put in their mouth as they continuously messed up information or their questions.

“I think her actions were completely unprofessional. If you are going to be on the red carpet, you should be prepared,” says freshman Megan Wang.

Rancic proceeded to ask multiple people about the wrong things. She asked One Direction how they felt about opening the show. Guess what? ONE DIRECTION WAS NEVER PERFORMING THAT NIGHT. To make matters worse, when the band laughed it off and nicely said they were not performing, she defended herself.

Later on, when she was interviewing Jennifer Lopez, you could actually feel the tension from your couch. Lopez was done with the interview before it even started. When Rancic started asking stupid questions like, “So, how does all this work?” Lopez responded politely saying, “C’mon, you know how this works.”

Rancic went on to point out that Lopez was alone on the red carpet and implied she was hiding someone inside. At that point, I would have just walked off and left, which Lopez later did.

When Kendall Jenner went on later to be interviewed, she was also offended by Rancic who said her and her friends looked like “#trouble.” Jenner went on to prove her dislike by leaving Rancic hanging for a double kiss. Who even double kisses anyway? YOU ARE NOT IN EUROPE, THIS IS AMERICA.

She also interviewed Ed Sheeran and told him that his song, “Thinking out Loud” was voted the number one song people fall asleep to. Sheeran laughed it off, saying how it would also be voted number one sex song if there was such a category.

The worst was when she interviewed transgender icon, Laverne Cox. After having a somewhat decent and respectful interview, she proceeded to make excuses for not giving Cox a kiss goodbye, saying she “didn’t want to mess up her beautiful makeup.” Funny how she was okay with messing up every other women’s makeup.

“I was actually embarrassed watching her [Rancic] interview Laverne and make excuses for why she would not hug her. Laverne acted so classy about it; I would have probably freaked out,” says freshman Simran Singh.

Rancic proceeded to ask the same questions over and over again to almost everyone. Has she not heard of originality? I do not care who they would want a selfie with; this is the red carpet, let’s get some dirt here.

This was not the first time Rancic has made a fool of herself on national television.

Earlier in February, Rancic made a racist comment about 18-year-old Zendaya Coleman’s hair smelling like “patchouili oil or weed,” on the show “Fashion Police.”

My question is, why is this woman still allowed to be on television? Why is she still seen as a role model for people as she is making rude or racist comments and cannot successfully ask questions?

Rancic has been in the media multiple times for things like her extreme weight loss and emaciated looking figure in the past couple months.

I feel as though Rancic needs to take a break from the media and regroup, or else she could potentially ruin her career and offend even more people than she already has.

The media needs to start putting intelligent people in the limelight and showcasing people who can actually act intelligently and respectfully.

Instead of allowing someone who has been critiqued for her unprofessional behavior, racist comments and unhealthy body weight host an influential red carpet event, we should be letting someone fit for the role host.

Those portrayed in the media have a serious influence on people back home. Society should acknowledge this and act accordingly.

Should Giulianna Rancic continue hosting shows and red carpets?

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  2. No

  3. I don't know

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