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Getting my full serving of vegetables

Congress now considers pizza a vegetable



   Many organizations are pushing for healthier options in school, meanwhile, Congress is declaring pizza a vegetable, in essence.  Something wrong with this situation?  I believe so.  Our whole country has now become a contradiction. 

   Technically, the tomato paste is considered a vegetable.  In a controversial decision, Congress continues to declare 1/8 of the paste as equal to almost a half cup serving of vegetables.  The problem with this is that there will be less funding for vegetables and fruit in school if they accept part of pizza as a vegetable.

   I find this typically contradicting because federal mandates are removing french fries and other high-calorie foods from cafeterias while sweets like Gushers and chocolate-chip cookies remain. Which reminds me of the Reagan administration’s attempt to declare ketchup as a vegetable back in the 80’s.  Where are the heads of our country’s leaders at?  Well I’ll tell you, they’re in the tomato garden.

    You know, it’s not a problem I have with my favorite food, pizza, now being considered healthy.  My problem relates to my ice cream sundae not being referred to as healthy when it has a fruit (cherry), dairy (whipped cream), and grain (waffle)!  Looks like I have all my food groups covered with those two meals, now let’s hope I don’t contribute to America’s 17% of children/adolescents.  No promises.

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