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Get your booty on point for prom

by JADA MINAYA Section Editor

Ladies, it is that time of year again.

Well, technically not yet, but it is a good time to start getting yourself prom ready. Prom is in five to six months, depending on which prom you are attending, and maybe checking out dresses isn’t the only thing you are trying to do. Yes, I am hinting toward the dreaded exercising and dieting.

I know most girls will start this about a month and a half before prom, but let’s be real here, it’s not going to make that big of a difference, which is why I personally recommend starting now. Five to six months in advance, you are going to see results.

Not everyone has a gym membership and I do not blame you because they are pricey and who wants to work out around strangers? Working out at home is definitely still effective, and you can still be comfortable and get what you need done.

What is everyone’s most important areas to target and tone when getting fit for prom? I know for me it is my booty, legs, and stomach. But girl, you know your booty has to be on fleek!


If you would like to tone your body for prom and just make everything look a bit more “pumped”, then a good at-home exercise routine is a great starter for that.

This is my own personal suggestion for a workout routine. I am in no way whatsoever a master at the gym since I just started going in the past year and I do not know the proper terms for anything. I am just a girl talking to another girl like me about rounding your booty and toning that tummy.

First things first (I’m the realest), the only money I suggest you spend is in Wal-Mart purchasing some five to 10 pound weights. If you want to be extra snazzy and effective, pick up five to 10 pound ankle weights, which will really help with toning your legs and glutes.

Now let’s get into a good at-home prom workout routine:

  1. CARDIO: If you want to sneak in some cardio, you don’t need a treadmill to do so. Obviously, when the weather is bearable, you can run outside for however long you like. Since it is currently freezing, I suggest doing sets of running up and down your staircase. You can skip steps as well when doing sets, which will help your muscles and your booty.

  2. SQUATS: Girl, come on now, you know squats are the number one exercise for your booty and legs. I suggest taking your weights and holding them over your shoulders. Separate your legs widely and squat as low as you can go. Try to hit the floor if you can; this is going to give you the best results. Your exercise hangover the next day isn’t going to feel too great, but that’s a good thing – that means it’s working!

  3. GLUTE KICKBACK: These are also very helpful. You can do these in many different ways, but I suggest you strap your ankle weights on for this. Get on your hands and knees and kick one leg back high in the air then bring it back in to your chest, but do not let it touch the floor. Another way I love to do these is to to take one leg and step it two steps up and kick the opposing leg back and continually do that while switching legs.

  4. PLANKS: Planks hurt like hell, but are definitely one of the best – if not the best – exercise for your abs. Doing planks every day isn’t going to make your stomach flat. Your abs are made in the kitchen, honey. If you wanna lose belly fat, I recommend dieting and getting rid of the Chipotle burritos. If you do have a stomach that you are satisfied with, then doing ab exercises will help to just tighten that area up and tone it. Doing a plank for 30-60 seconds every day is going to help strengthen and tighten your stomach area.

“To motivate yourself, treat yourself after every time you work out by putting a dollar in a jar and buying yourself a treat at the end of the week if you’ve reached your work out goals.  Also, hanging motivational quotes or pictures of people on your door is a good reminder of motivation because you see it everyday,” said junior Serena Zappone.

Yes, motivation is difficult to find. but think of the results! Think of the pride you will feel when you hit your goals and you are working it in that prom dress! Also, just living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape in general is something that will always be great for you and one thing you can be proud of.

What’s your favorite work out routine?

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