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by JADA MINAYA Section Editor

Everyone’s new favorite obsession is of course the hit television show “Friends” since it was added to Netflix in the past two months. Along with feeling unbelievably connected to the cast throughout each of the 10 seasons and learning life lessons that would not kill some of the kids from our generation to learn, 90s fashion is something I find myself admiring on every episode.

In particular, leading lady Rachel Green has had some of the most influential trends during the 90s, including having her own hairstyle – The Rachel.

Now that 90s fashion is definitely becoming more popular and in-style as of late, the Rachel Green style is definitely a look-book one will want to…well, look through.

On the show, it is always advertised how much Green loves Bloomingdale’s and designer fashion, but unfortunately, in this day and age, her fashion choices cannot be found in such places.

Also, unfortunately, her fashion choices are much more expensive now than what they were in the 90’s. Stores such as American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, and Topshop, where you will find the most similar style of clothing to the actress, are not the most economical. However, you can find many more reasonable alternatives in stores such as Forever 21 and Windsor Store.

Whether you are trying to achieve her feminine, charismatic, and, most of all, charming personality, or just look as good as she does, there are a few steps to take.

  1. The Rachel Haircut: Rachel had two different hairstyles throughout the show, but everyone’s favorite was her hairstyle during the first two seasons. She had choppy, layered, shoulder-length hair that was dyed blonde with brown highlights. It is definitely one of her most popular features that became a hit during the 90’s, but can definitely be brought back today as well.

  2. High-waisted jeans and a plain tee: All of my favorite looks of Rachel’s were her most effortless. Wearing a plain crop top tee and light wash high-waisted jeans was a signature look of hers. A plain crop top tee can be found anywhere for a decent price. Even though high-waisted jeans are very much in trend currently and can be found in nearly any store, you can find the right pair that replicate the 90’s look in American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and Top Shop. American Apparel and Urban may be expensive, but are the few story that offer attire from the 90’s, so I suggest getting a good pair of jeans from either.

  3. Skater and baby doll dresses: Another look of Green’s that I love is when she wears a skater or baby doll dress. These are also back in style and can be easily found. Again, Urban and American Apparel offer the best of these styles, but for alternatives, seek Forever 21 for comfortable, feminine day dresses for everday wear.

  4. White sneakers: When dressed down, I notice Rachel likes to wear plain white sneakers. During the 90’s, the brand was most likely Keds, but now-a-days, Vans are a very popular replica of Keds. Find yourself a white pair and you got yourself Rachel footwear!

  5. Bras and things of the sort: This may be a bit taboo, so I’ll keep it as short as possible, but it’s no secret that Rachel…doesn’t really keep secrets. Get yourself a bralette or unlined bra for Rachel’s look. Bralettes and fashionable unlined bras have also been surprisingly trendy since many shirts are loose, sheer, or a bit more revealing around women’s backs or ribs.

There are so many other fashion trends that Rachel has set that are still popular to this day. Whether you love the show or hate it (if that is even possible), you too can be a 90s fashionista.

What is your favorite Rachel trend?

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