G Shock phenomenon

by ANMOL MADAAN Staff Writer

Casio’s G Shock has become an extremely popular watch type over the years, as it combines style and luxury with easy user interface and many neat features. The popularity of watches has risen through the roof as people venture out into the market in search of new and expensive, yet fashionable items. The hot watch on the markets, the G Shock made by Casio, promotes style with efficiency in its design. Although the basic models can run around $100, more luxurious models can be purchased between $200 and $400. “The watch is fashionable and it looks cool,” says freshman Greg Puc. “It makes it easier to tell the time and I have something to play with when I get bored. It also has some pretty cool features like how it tells the temperature.” G Shock does have its own website where new watches and limited editions are shown. For example, a new watch in the limited edition collection is called the GA111DR-7A, which claims to be a thousandth of a second precise. Freshman Jered Zelikovsky said, “I have three G Shocks and I try to switch them everyday. I may keep one on some days, but that is only to match my clothes. I got them for many different occasions: one for my birthday, one for Hanukah, and the last because I had begged for months. They all are very important to me and I work hard in order to get them. I am still planning to save up money to buy another one, however I am still 120 dollars short.” G Shock collections include Aviation, Classic, Giez, Limited, and Master of G. All of these possess unique traits of themselves. Some have separate colors while some have separate functionality. Some are just said to be “cooler”. “So what if they cost that much? I think they are mad chill and fresh. They are sick and I don’t even have to read the big analog watch in every room. It just makes life easier,” said freshman Nikhit Kethidi. He possesses a single G Shock model GW3000BD-1A. “G Shocks are my favorite watches and I can’t wait to get another one!” said Zelikovsky. He is one of the many fans of G Shocks and, due to the fact that he is trying to get his fourth G Shock, a large place in his heart is reserved for watches. America is on the side of Zelikovsky; many possess G Shocks. A recent survey revealed that 27 percent of young adults in ninth grade have a G Shock. Casio CEO Kazuo Kashio works his hardest to improve the qualities of his products. “Manufacturers must always be able to have unique products that distinguish themselves from their competitors’ products, and if they are able to do that they will be successful, and that’s what we are doing in these markets,” said Kashio.

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