Francesco Schettino fails to be a good captain

by KELLY RODZIK Staff Writer

   Captain Francesco Schettino, 52, will face charges including manslaughter, shipwreck, and abandoning a ship when passengers were still on board when he crashed the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, off the coast of Tuscany near the Giglio islands on Friday, January 13.    Schettino claims he tripped and fell into a lifeboat. Schettino’s employers say that he did not live up his training or responsibilities at the helm of his ship.    Freshman Alyssa Wence says, “If he really tripped and fell into a life boat, he could have at least attempted to go back on the cruise ship to do his job and save lives.”    Schettino joined Costa in 2002 as a safety officer, served as a staff captain, and was appointed captain in 2006. Like all Costa masters, the cruise line said, Schettino “has been constantly trained, passing all tests.”    Costa’s president, Pier Luigi Foschi, says Schettino had never been involved in an accident before. Foschi says it is possible that alcohol may have played a role in the disaster    Schettino, who said he would cooperate with investigators, says that the rocks were uncharted. Sophomore Daniel Gregor says, “Costa’s president should have made sure that he knew the route he was taking inside and out before actually taking it.”    The Italian Coast Guard and Costa Cruises are still investigating why Schettino took the ship so close to shore in an area known for its rocky sea floor.    The cruise ship was carrying more than 4,062 passengers. There were at least 17 people found dead and 17 still missing.    Schettino waited almost an hour before giving orders to abandon the ship. Foschi admitted the alarm was raised too late and said, “To tell the truth, this hour delay is not normal and is not justifiable.”    Schettino is accused of abandoning about 300 people who were unable to look after themselves.    His lawyer claims the captain did everything he could to preserve the lives of crew members and passengers.    Schettino was placed under house arrest while officers investigated the crash. While on house arrest, he is only allowed to communicate with his family members.    Wence says, “The judge should charge Schettino with manslaughter since he abandoned the cruise ship, leaving people alone to die.”

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