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FLY Camp returns


This summer’s FLY Camp will be held on Thursday, August 1 and Friday, August 2 at the Monroe Township High School.

FLY Camp is Falcon Leadership for Youth Camp and is open to any student who will be entering grades 9-12 for the 2013-2014 school year.

“The purpose of Falcon Leadership Youth (FLY) Camp is to involve all types of students in activities where teamwork and leadership development are emphasized. During the camp, students engage in character building activities where many opportunities arise for them to be leaders or to simply just be part of a team,” says Mrs. Jackie Puleio, a high school math teacher participating in this event.

“Going to FLY Camp looks really good on a college application, which is really important to me. I also think it is really good to have good leadership qualities because they can be really helpful for anything,” says freshmen Annie Chipchase.

A total of ten teachers will participate. They are Mrs. Began, Mrs. Mackenzie, Ms. Basile, Mrs. Puleio, Ms. Reiff, Ms. Rose, Mr. Calella, Mr. Bigos, and Mr. Field.

“Along with a team of teachers, I am a facilitator at the event. We are placed in the teams randomly as well. During the activities, we are supposed to help guide and clarify the directions. We are encouraged to participate in many activities (but not the problem solving activities – which is so hard not to!). I participated in FLY camp when I went to MTHS (from the summer of 2000-2003). I loved the camp as a student and I love it even more now since I have the ability to help students I may otherwise have never gotten the opportunity to meet,” says Mrs. Puleio.

Students who go need to attend both days from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided to those students on both days.

“I am looking forward to improving my interactions with others. It will help me in school and in the future. Theses skills can be used in school, the workplace, and at home,” says freshmen Victoria Giannola.

There will be activities on both days to help students improve their communication, leadership, and team building skills.

“The activities change every year. Mainly, there are activities in which teams have to solve challenges in order to complete the activity before the other teams. The idea is not to beat the other teams but to complete the activity as part of a team. One of the most unique elements of the camp is that students are placed in randomly selected groups at the beginning of the camp. Throughout the camp, students are involved in activities with this random group. You may start out knowing no one, but by the end of the camp, you not only know their names, but you know their strengths, weaknesses, and overall capabilities to problem solve,” said Mrs. Puleio.

All that is needed to participate is a signed permission slip. The permission slip has to be turned into Ms. Basile or Mr. Field by June 21.

Will you be going to FLY camp this summer?

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