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Females to lead Ghostbusters


A few months ago, Director Paul Feig made an announcement that there will be a remake of “Ghostbusters” with an all-female leading role.

Melissa McCarthy, who played a female leading role alongside Sandra Bullock in “The Heat,” has been officially signed to the cast for the remake of the movie. Kristen Wiig, who stared in “Bridesmaids,” may also be a part of the cast, along with Saturday Night Live players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

I have heard both negative and positive comments about this remake, but they mostly argue about how funny the movie will actually be. Most of the positive comments that were made believe the movie is going to be even better than the original.

“I did not find the original very funny at all, but I’m really happy they are going to remake it,” said senior Christine Stieve. “I love female roles! I especially love them in comedies because the way in which women say things is much funnier compared to the way a man says it. It is just the way a women comes off when she is being funny. I mean others might not find women that funny, but I just love their facial expressions and awkwardness.”

I agree that women tend to be funny with how they present themselves in comedies, but I think it depends on the actress. There are some women that I do not find funny at all such as actress Rose Byrne, who played alongside Seth Rogan in “The Neighbors”. Although I found this movie very funny, I just could not laugh at anything Byrne did or said. Rogan is the character that really made “The Neighbors” funny for me.

However, McCarthy is a very good pick for the cast in this remake. When McCarthy starred with Bullock in “The Heat”, I loved it because McCarthy really got into her role and came off very naturally. She also played very well in “Identity Thief” with Jason Bateman.

The only actress I am not very fond of is Wiig. She is funny, but I think she is an unusual pick for this remake. Even so, I think she will do a good job, as will all the women.

“I am not a fan when it comes to movie remakes. I will always love the original, even if I did see the remake and really like it. Bill Murray did such an amazing job in the original. I feel like no one can replace him. I love all the original characters. I honestly do not think that this remake is going to blow anyone away,” said senior Nicole Farganis.

Just like Farganis, I love original movies. I do not like when directors and producers get together to remake a movie as they will never be as good as the original.

How do you feel about the all-female leading roles? Do you also think it depends on the actress on whether the movie will be funny or not?

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