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“Eye Candy” season one ends with an unpredictable twist

The shocking conclusion to MTV’s “Eye Candy” season one aired on March 16, 2015 and left fans begging for more.

“Eye Candy” focuses on 21-year-old Lindy Sampson (Victoria Justice), an intelligent hacker who moves to New York City to search for her sister who has been kidnapped.

She lives with her roommate Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) who, after a bad breakup, convinces Lindy to join an online dating site called Flirtual. Sophia signs her up under the nickname “Eye Candy,” and Lindy meets several people at Sophia’s club that night.

After a series of unfortunate events, Lindy and her friends (Casey Deidrick, Harvey Guillen, John Garet Stoker) discover that one of her dates from Flirtual is a stalker and murderer, and the chase to find the “Flirtual killer” begins.

“The first episode was so intense, I was drawn in right from the beginning,” says freshman Kirtana Madiraju. “It’s all so mysterious that you keep coming back for more.”

During the season, Lindy teams up with the Cybercrimes Unit of the New York City Police Department to track down various online criminals. Each case gives Lindy new information about her sister’s abduction, and she goes back and forth between her partnership with the police and her integrity as a hacker.

In the series finale, Lindy comes face-to-face with the Flirtual killer and gains insight into his tragic back-story. After a violent showdown, the killer gives her a tablet with information about her sister’s kidnapping, but she does not open it until the end of the episode. When she does, both Lindy and viewers are shocked at what they see.

With action, suspense, drama, and romance, “Eye Candy” offers something for everyone ages 14 and older. Some scenes can be rather graphic and disturbing for younger audiences, but the show is incredibly interesting and keeps viewers thoroughly engaged.

Seeing how easily police, as well as hackers, can track down information on the internet will make viewers rethink what they post online. It is both enlightening and frightening to learn that people can find your location simply with the touch of a button, or disable your security system using software on their cellphones. Every episode emphasizes how dangerous the internet can be, and cautions the audience to watch what they share with the public.

Despite the interesting plot and characters that are easy to relate to, ratings for the first season have been rather low, averaging at about 0.59 million viewers. MTV has not yet renewed the show for a second season, but fans are trending #RenewEyeCandy on social media to show their support.

“I really hope MTV orders for season two,” said freshman Sahitya Gande. “The finale had a cliffhanger ending, and it was so surprising that I need to know what happens next.”

Out of 10 stars, I would personally give “Eye Candy” an eight. It is a thrilling story with interesting themes and the inclusion of modern day technology makes it relatable to today’s generation.

For those who watch “Eye Candy,” what were your thoughts on the season finale? How do you feel about a second season?

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