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European Music Awards 2013

by EMILY SZPAK Social Media Coordinator

The 2013 MTV European Music Awards were hosted in Amsterdam this year on November 10, 2013, hosted by Miley Cyrus.

She stole many of the highlights of the night. The show opened with Cyrus rising out of a spaceship and dancing with a little person, setting the mood for yet another crazy award show, showcasing this year’s hits and talents of the stars.

Cyrus opened the show singing “We Can’t Stop” with her little friend, repeatedly twerking and shaking it all over the stage. Later that night, she performed “Wrecking Ball” and killed it. It was a nice performance from Cyrus, without the gaudy special effects, and she was wearing a somewhat respectable outfit. The audience was able to appreciate her natural voice, because we sometimes forget how talented the young artist really is.

Another big highlight of the night was Eminem’s performance of “Berzerk”, which had the crowd going crazy. The audience was ecstatic to see him back on the stage and making a comeback since his last album in 2010.

Robin Thicke performed “Blurred lines” yet again, which, to be honest is getting pretty bland. After that VMA performance, I think it is safe to say we do not need to see anything like that again.

“If I hear ‘Blurred Lines’ one more time, I am writing a personal letter to Robin Thicke to make it stop,” says junior Anne Ballman.

Bruno Mars was a hit at the EMA’s, singing his newer song “Gorilla”, similar to his performance at the VMAs earlier this year in August. Mars and Thicke, in my opinion, should have sang something different and switched it up.

Another great performance of the night was when The Killers came back to the stage singing “Mr. Brightside”, which was one of their first hits back in 2003. The crowd enjoyed hearing that song live again. A lot of this year’s hits were performed and brought us back through what was hot in 2013.

A number of awards were given out; some vague, some specific, and some hard earned. Most artists were deserving of their awards. A lot of the celebs had a great year on stage and deserve to be awarded for their hard work. Here are the winners:

  1. Best song: “Locked out of Heaven” Bruno Mars

  2. Best pop: One Direction

  3. Best Female: Katy Perry

  4. Best Male: Justin Bieber

  5. Best live: Beyonce

  6. Best new: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

  7. Best rock: Green Day

  8. Best Alternative: Thirty Seconds To Mars

  9. Best hip-hop: Eminem

  10. Best Electronic: Avicii

  11. Best Look: Harry Styles

  12. Best Push: Austin Mahone

  13. Best World Stage: Linkin Park

  14. World Wide Act: Chris Lee

  15. Biggest Fans: Tokyo Hotel

  16. Best Video: “Wrecking Ball” Miley Cyrus

The EMAs should have focused more on individual songs rather than individual artists, because I am assuming it is supposed to be a European version of the VMAs.

“The award show itself wasn’t my favorite, but I watched it to see Miley,” says junior Rebecca Tessler.

What was your favorite part of the EMAs?

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