Etan Patz update

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

Read more about the Etan Patz case here.

Etan Patz case has made another appearance in the news, 33 years after his disappearance. Pedro Hernandez was accused of killing six-year-old Patz for many years now. Recently, however, Hernandez confessed to killing the young boy. He admitted to grabbing Patz off the street and killing him in the basement SoHo bodega where he was working. Hernandez also admitted to putting Patz’s body in a grabage bag on the street, which was never found. “I heard about the Etan Patz case in April, and it made me really upset. I can’t believe that someone would do something so awful to a young child. Thank goodness that Pedro Hernandez confessed so he can recieve that punishment that he deserves,” says sophomore Samantha Fasbach. Defense attorneys say that Hernandez has a history of mental illness and his confession may not be reliable. The Patz family continue to lives in SoHo and has not made any comments on Hernandez’s recent confession.

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