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Erin Seppi: the ultimte athlete and scholar

From the field to the books, senior Erin Seppi has proven herself to be a star scholar and athlete, winning student of month as well as multiple national and regional awards throughout her soccer career as a goalkeeper here at MTHS.

“All I do is to help make me a better player. Soccer is the one thing that has literally made me the happiest person,” says Seppi.

Seppi was not always the soccer star she is today. Her soccer career began at the age of four when her parents encouraged her to join the recreational soccer team in Monroe, but she became a late academy player due to her inexperience.

After many years of hard work and late nights at the field, she made it onto her current team – the FC Bucks of Pennsylvania – and made varsity her freshman year in both soccer and basketball. Seppi’s sophomore year was a milestone for her, as she committed to the University of Maryland at only 15 years old.

“It was the hardest decision of my life because I had many other schools to choose from, but ultimately UMD was my dream school, so I chose to go there,” says Seppi.

Seppi’s determination and hard work has truly paid off, considering she recently was selected to play as a goalkeeper in the Girl’s High School All-American game for its East team. Only 40 girls were selected for this amazing opportunity, and Seppi is incredibly grateful and honored to have been chosen. The game will be played on Saturday, December 5.

“Erin is great in everything she does. Everything she puts her mind to, she doesn’t give up on. She works her butt off everyday and I think her success in soccer and in school proves just that. Erin is incredibly smart and successful; it didn’t come easy, she had to work hard for it. As her best friend, I am extremely proud of not just her academic and soccer related achievements, but also all of her achievements she has made in her life so far,” says senior Lia Zazzera.

Seppi has many amazing qualities about her, but one of her best is her ability to be a role model to others. She not only exhibits outstanding leadership skills, but also an inspirational, positive attitude every day and the qualities of an amazing best friend.

“People say you find happiness in those who achieve success. And boy, there are truly no words to describe how inexplicably proud I am of Seppi. Knowing Erin for years, she constantly spreads her positivity and bubbly personality with others, even throughout her accomplishments. I, personally, am proud to be so close to someone not only extraordinary, but motivational,” says senior Valerie Acavedo.

As her senior soccer season comes to a close, Seppi is excited for what the future holds for her and so is the rest of the school. She is not only an amazing soccer player and student, but also a beautiful person inside and out. Everyone is rooting for her and we hope to see a lot of Seppi on the future.

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