Earthquake in China causes immense damage

by MATT GORDON Editor-in-chief

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Chinese province of Sichuan on Saturday, April 20. The earthquake left 196 people dead as well as another 11,470 injured. There are still 21 missing after the tragedy that rocked the whole nation.

The quake is the third in five years for China, as another one occurred in 2008 in the Sichuan Province, as well as another in 2010 in Yushu. This quake was less deadly, as the previous two killed thousands and left much more building damage. The buildings that were raised after the 2008 earthquake were not damaged in the most recent quake, which is only a small sign of hope for a grieving province and nation.

Fortunately, the Chinese government sprung into action once the earthquake hit, setting up a tent village full of food, water, and medical services for the survivors of the record-breaking quake. High-tech instruments like phone charging stations and portable X-ray machines were set up in the camp, amenities that the citizens in this area did not receive after the 2008 quake.

Yue Hejun, a citizen affected by the tragedy, said, “Lushan was so heavily hit and my family’s house toppled. It has been such a disaster for us. If we can charge our phones, we are at least able to keep in touch with our family members outside and that helps to set our minds at ease.”

Although the urban areas of the province were easily given aid, the rural areas around the cities were tougher to get to and had to wait for proper supplies. In many areas, roads were blocked off by fallen rocks and debris from the surrounding mountainous areas. Explosives were needed to break through the debris and reach victims in these areas.

Huang Mingxian, a resident of one of these rural areas was obviously frustrated with the lack of supplies for his family and fellow townspeople. “This morning is the first time in three days that we have gotten instant noodles. Other areas have electricity and water, what about us?” Huang said.

Junior Abhin Shah said, “In times of tragedy like this, it is important that we reach out to those in need and try to help in any way we can. These Chinese citizens need help from others, and we must act to try and get them the supplies they need in any way possible.”

The Chinese people need support from their fellow nations and it is our duty to help them in any way possible to recover from this tragedy.

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