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Earning summer cash

by HALEY MILLAN Staff Writer

The unemployment rate for teens over the summer does not have a good outlook. However, hope is not lost; there are alternative ways besides getting hired by a company or business to make money. With people still out of work, teens are less likely to get hired over the summer by small businesses. Getting a part-time job may not have a high chance of happening. There are ways to make money fast without the stress of handing in applications all over. There are always the old standards of making quick cash over the summer: babysitting, pet sitting, doing yard work, washing cars, and completing other household tasks. These will definitely earn you some money, but not everyone is fully satisfied with those jobs. Summer camps and day cares are great places to start off. If a job is not a necessity this summer, volunteering at a summer camp is a good start. Summer camps often hire teenagers and the first year counts as volunteer work. Afterwards, they pay teens that come back to work again the following years. Summer camps also go on field trips, so the summer will not be put to waste. Sophomore Lisa Sowinski says, “I didn’t mind working at rec camp, it was fun. I think it’s better though if you have friends that sign up too, that way you’ll have a friend to spend a majority of the summer with.” Tutoring is another alternative. Younger students may need help staying fresh with their skills over the summer. Tutoring younger children will make it a piece of cake to teach, since the material almost comes naturally. If schoolwork in the summer seems like the worst idea ever, try selling things on the Internet. Old CD’s, movies, games, books- anything in good condition is fair game to sell online. This way, the things that have been forgotten or just uncared about can turn into easy money. As they say, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” “Selling things at the Englishtown Auction and having yard sales are easy ways to get rid of the things you don’t want anymore and get some of the money back,” says sophomore Grace Jung. For the tech-savvy teens in the world, a way to earn money is by giving lessons to others on how to work the computer. Some older business employers, and even younger kids, do not know everything there is to maneuver around the web. Charging for lessons and explanations on how to work applications like Microsoft will make the time fly by and bring the cash in. Another great way to make money is by becoming an entrepreneur. Dedication and passion can turn a craft into a business. Making bracelets, decorating and selling phone cases, jewelry, clothing, hair accessories, and so many other endless possibilities can help gain profit. Working with friends can turn this into a fun activity, instead of feeling like a job. Being creative is the best attribute to making more money than expected. So this summer, if a part-time job seems out of reach, try something out of the ordina

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