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Dreams really do come true

Life changing foundation is built in Monroe by JULIA BACCHETTI Social Media Specialist

   If you had only a short amount of time left on Earth, what would your last wish be? This is the vital question that revolves around the growing enterprise of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

  Make-a-Wish strives to grant the desires of children ages two to 18 with a life-threatening medical conditions. The foundation was started in 1980, and since then has helped 250,000 children around the world. Make-a-Wish not only impacts the lives of the children they help, but their families and wish granters as well. 

  As one of the most well-known charities in the world, Make-a-Wish is able to include famous sport icons, singers and actors. These celebrities   contribute to the foundation by granting wishes for selected children, and even giving donations. They take time out of their schedules to give back to the Make-a-Wish community every year. Make-a-Wish also has many sponsors that help them to “share the power of a wish.”     “The celebrities that help with this charity deserve a pat on the back,” says Freshman Danielle Pochopin ”They don’t have to go out of their way and do things like this, but they do.”

   Although at times it may seem that the famous names of past wish granters like Miley Cyrus and Michel Jordon steal the spotlight from the helpful volunteers, this is far from true. The Make-a-Wish volunteers are ordinary people who give their time to any family in need of it. Some volunteers have been in situations where their family members have had conditions such as leukemia, and can relate to everything they are going through. The volunteers are there for the family every step of the way.    The New Jersey chapter of Make-a-Wish was founded in 1983. The Make-a-Wish foundation of New Jersey has granted 473 wishes this past year alone, and now has 280 volunteers. Make-a-Wish welcomes other interested individuals looking to give back to their community.     The castle on Perrineville Road broke ground early this year.  “When I heard that the Make-a-Wish foundation was being built in our town, I was actually excited. Now I can volunteer for a charity I care about,” says freshman Keirstyn Moyle.   Construction for the 20,000 square foot building has been moving at a rapid pace. The Monroe Township Make-a-wish building is in honor of the parents of Joe Plumeri, CEO of Willis Group, the global insurance broker. Joe and his wife, Nancy, made a $2 million contribution to the foundation.    The Make-a-Wish foundation is important to every child, and every family member that has to endure this difficult journey. As long as the Make-a-Wish foundation continues, each child will have their last wish come true.

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