‘Divide’ climbs charts

Recently produced and released album “Divide” by Ed Sheeran has been and is still currently topping iTunes and Billboard charts.

Before Sheeran’s official album release, singles such as “Castle on the Hill” and “Shape of You” were available to download. “Shape of You” quickly became popular, receiving 539,616,771 streams on Spotify and topped Billboard’s Hot 100 for seven consecutive weeks since coming out on January 6. The song gained 240,000 downloads and 20 million streams in its debut week in the US, becoming Sheeran’s first number one song in the country off of “Divide.”

The album’s official release was March 3, and is already the number one best selling album of 2017 so far. It even beat Bruno Mars’ widely successful album “24k Magic” in sales and streams. Past albums by Sheeran, such as “Multiply” and “+” cannot compare to the success “Divide” has had so far in just a few weeks.

Sophomore Olivia Hrymoc says, “Ed Sheeran’s music is extremely universal, but also extremely unique. His music is adored by many people across the globe due to his relatable lyrics sung in his songs.”

Fans of Sheeran anticipated this release, as it was his first album in three years. Many tweeted their appreciation for the new album saying how it “certainly is the best” and “is worth the buy.” Fans immediately pre-ordered the upcoming album as soon as “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” were released.

Junior Neha Shah says, “Ed Sheeran is a very talented artist. Unlike many other artists, he spends time working on his music to make it simply amazing and very deep and emotional.”

Sheeran’s new music has a very soft tone in most songs on the new album. His melodic voice is really something to listen to and get lost in. His lyrics are deep and relatable to most, though some simply enjoy the tune and beats.

Sheeran spoke on how he wrote some for his girlfriend, to make her smile and forget about troubles she had as inspiration that helped him write the album.

Sheeran said, “When she was taking her cab back to the airport, it was like a three hour drive and I was sat at home on my own and I thought I’d write a song quickly and send it to her so she’s got something to listen to on the drive and then forgot about it.”

The album was a way for Sheeran to get back on the map after being on break for a year. He discussed how it helped his mind settle his anxiety or people wanting things from him. In addition to his break, he completely went cellphone free, allowing more time for his writing.

Sheeran’s new album has a very soft tone and a get-up-and-dance feel. “Divide” is totally worth the buy.

How has Ed Sheeran’s music ever helped you through a rough time in your life?

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