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Demi Lovato showcases two-faced feminism

Demi Lovato has always been recognized for her amazing vocals, her job as a judge on “The X Factor,” and, of course, her childhood role in “Camp Rock.”  From a young age, she has been idolized by many young adults and has prided herself in her belief in feminism, but recently her comments toward the subject have proven her to be a deceiving role model.

Lovato has made it clear that she is a feminist and always talks about how everyone should have confidence and love themselves. However, Lovato recently shamed girls who wear makeup and “try too hard.” Her inconsistency with all of it is the reason why she is not the amazing role model that all of her fans claim she is.

In the September issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, Lovato showcased her true feelings about feminist issues. She stated that feminism was basically a trend and said, “I considered myself a feminist before it was cool.”

Although being a feminist is an amazing characteristic, Lovato talks about it as if it is not the powerful movement that it is.

“She’s pretty much the epitome of a ‘white feminist’, which is someone who only cares about problems that have to do with themselves and never speak up/preach about the rights and wrongs of other issues,” says junior Jordan Tinitigan.

Twitter has also been an outlet for Lovato’s bad example of feminism. After her issue of Cosmo came out, she tweeted a picture of her statement of being a feminist before it was cool with, “#WomenAgainstFemism: Because I am not a victim.”

A victim? As in a victim to a society where women are treated with half the respect men are? Or a victim to having to overcome outstanding obstacles to prove your worth in the workplace just because of your gender? Of course Lovato is not a victim of that because when you are an ignorant celebrity making millions, you do not really experience the hardships that other women have to face. This is a prime example of privileged feminism. News flash Lovato, the whole world does not revolve around you.

“[Lovato’s] tweets honestly give me a headache. I feel like she really believes she knows what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t at all,” says senior Lia Zazzera.

Another prime example of Lovato’s conceited anti-feministic behavior was over the summer when she took to Twitter to complain to Barbie about their dolls’ unrealistic body shape. The complaints were justified considering there is room for a more curvy Barbie, no argument there, but her timing was incredibly off considering she tweeted it right after actress Zendaya Coleman was honored with her own lookalike doll.

Lovato tweeted, “Hey @Barbie, what about a curvy doll or one with true to size measurements? I’ll model!!”

The tweet brought extreme controversy all over Twitter on whether or not it was necessary to have been sent out to the world. Lovato could have tweeted this at any time, but she decided to do it then, which almost made it seem like a negative response to Zendaya’s big day. And considering that Zendaya’s doll was a huge movement for feminism, you’d think she’d be supportive, but once again, Lovato attempts to make everything about herself.

Lovato is the type of person who gives feminism its bad reputation. There are millions of people supporting the movement and Lovato’s back and forth attitude about it makes it seem like it is a joke. It is 100 percent serious and just because celebrities like her do not experience the obstacles faced by oppressed women all over the world does not mean it is not happening. Lovato has proven herself to be the opposite of someone to idolize.

What do you think about Lovato’s attitude towards feminism?

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