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Conjoined for life

by MATT GORDON Editor-in-chief

Abigail “Abby” and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins thats share the same body, but have two seperate heads. The pair stars on a new reality show on TLC called “Abby & Brittany,” which chronicles their daily life and foray into adulthood. Though sharing the same body, the twins each have their own heart, lungs, stomach, and spine. The girls control their own side of the body, so simple tasks like walking and clapping were hard for them to learn as toddlers. With practice and coordination, the girls can now bike a ride and even drive a car. They have grown so close to one another that they finish each other’s sentences without even realizing it. The twins recently graduated from Bethel University with a bachelor’s degree in education. The two are now looking for a job as a teacher and believe they can bring more to the table with two teachers instead of one. They both enjoy being together and believe they are still like everyone else. “People have been curious about us since we were born, for obvious reasons, but our parents never let us use that as an excuse. We were raised to believe we could do anything we wanted to do,” said the Hensels. The twins have excelled far more than most expectations, and plan to lead normal, every day lives.

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