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Community Lives On! Season 6 is now on Yahoo Screen

The wait is finally over! After NBC cancelled the popular cult show “Community” last fall, season six debuted on March 17.

Yahoo Screen, the sitcom’s new home, announced the premiere date and release structure at the Television Critics Association press tour. The first release will feature two episodes, and one more will be aired every following Tuesday.

NBC canceled the show in May 2014. Season six was originally slated to return in fall 2014, but Yahoo held onto pushing it out until this year, due to the large online movements for the show’s renewal.

#6seasonsandamovie, which was once an inside joke with the cast, crew, and fans of the show, has almost become a reality. Much like other NBC comedies such as “The Office”, “30 Rock”, and “Parks & Recreation”, “Community” has an incredibly devote fan base, but the Greendale Human Beings were able to take action.

At a certain point, #sixseasonsandamovie became less about renewing the show for another year than about actually making it to six seasons and a movie. There’s no simple explanation as to why “Community” survived as long as it did. Other shows with low ratings, but passionate, niche fanbases have been cancelled by networks, despite fan efforts. “Community” somehow succeeded where those other shows failed, time and time again. It is something the show even managed to mock in its final end tag to date.

Once show creator Dan Harmon was fired from his position as head writer and star Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) left the show, fans nearly lost hope of the program ever making a comeback. Happily, those fans were proven wrong.

“I almost ran around the house screaming when I heard the news. Everyone involved with ‘Community’ worked so hard for a season six and I couldn’t be happier that our protesting worked,” said junior Connor Fleming.

Back in April, Yahoo announced its plans to create original series, starting with the comedies “Other Space”- from executive producer Paul Feig – and “Sin City Saints”, both of which will premiere eight episodes for their first season to binge-watch on Yahoo Screen.

In 2012, the show almost got cancelled. “Community” was put on hiatus halfway through its third season due to low viewership numbers. But, the thing is, there are way more people watching it than are being recorded because its fanbase is mostly online.

Of course, the fans made noise. They had petitions, rallies, protests, meet ups and just went crazy. It worked, and NBC aired the rest of the season. There has never been a fan movement larger than #sixseasonsandamovie.

“‘Community’ is an incredibly unique show and has something for every kind of fan. Comedy, drama, action, horror, animation, you name it. The individuality in ‘Community”s writing is impossible to copy and the performances from every actor give it that special touch. I love it,” said an anonymous student.

NBC has tried to replace “Community” and other comedies with “cutting edge” dramas such as “The Slap,” but desperately failed. Nothing will ever replace “Community,” and the Human Beings are not going anywhere until there really is six seasons and a movie.

Are you excited for season six? Tell us in the comments below!

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