Coloring outside the lines


Pastel hair is a popular trend in the modern fashion world and is gaining interest among celebrities and ordinary people. Pastel hair comes in pink, turquoise, green, and silver, and is much softer than regular dyes. It is meant to look natural, but at the same time, something that came out of a fantasy. It is the perfect spring look because of the bright colors, and looks amazing with a tan. Pastel hair first popped up on the catwalks two years ago by designers such as Prabal Gurung, Prada, and Jean Paul Gaultier. The look really took off when reality TV star Lauren Conrad featured the hair style on her blog, The Beauty Department. This hair style has been popular with celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga that made it well-known around the world. This is better than regular hair dye because it is not as chemically damaging. You also get more colors for less money. Pastel hair dye is one of the quickest dyes because all you have to do is streak it against your hair. It takes about half the time that regular dye does. For pastel tips, you should have a bowl of lukewarm water and a vibrant colored pastel. First, make the ends of your hair moist by dipping it in the bowl. Next, take your pastel and continuously stroke the pastel against the wet hair until you achieve the color you want The look is also easy to do on children wanting to do something extra with their hair. For the full pastel look, you need hair bleach, hair dye, and conditioner. For the pastel to really show, keep repeating the bleach process until your hair is the whitest white. After washing out the bleach, combine your dye and conditioner. Your dye should be a unique color such as blue, green, or white which will come out to be turquoise, mint green, or silver after adding the conditioner. A good example of a dye would be Splat and Manic Panic hair dyes, which comes in pastel colors and includes the bleach kit with it. Once you shake up the dye, add the generous amount of conditioner. This is a crucial step to obtain the true pastel look. After mixing the dye and conditioner in a bowl apply it to your hair and wash it out like regular dye. Timothy Switze, a Goldwell artistic director, Contessa winner, and owner of Timothy Co. Salon and Spa in Oshawa, said, “I think the appeal comes from the Hollywood market, it seems that a lot of younger stars like Katy Perry are bringing these pastel shade to the forefront. A fad most definitely, but a fun one. I’ve noticed a lot of clients are looking for these shades to introduce a peekaboo effect to their already-existing colour palette.” Pastel hair is a great look for someone looking for some color in their life. It is affordable and simple to use and perfect for all ages.

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