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Chris Christie announces lap band surgery

by CASEY BENZI Staff Writer

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced on May 6 that he received lap-band surgery in February of this year in an attempt to control his weight.

The surgery Christie got may be thought of as immediately removing skin and fat, but all it does is help him learn better eating habits for the future. This type of surgery is minimally invasive and is performed my making minor incisions in the abdomen to place a titanium band around the stomach. This band helps the patient to learn to eat less and chew slower while eating. Patients must return constantly to get the band tightened.

The lap-band is a weight loss surgery that is for slower weight loss compared to liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. Christie does actually look a bit thinner than how he looked in 2011.

At his highest, Christie weighed about 350 pounds, so hopefully this new band will help him control his weight. Being 350 pounds implies that he was 150 pounds overweight, classifying him as a class three obese person.

“I think that weight is an issue that is simply personal. Yes, his weight could be an issue that prevents him or effects his job, so his weight loss surgery can be seen as a good thing and really is beneficial because his health will become better,” says freshman Gina Giudice.

Christie allegedly spoke to New York Jets coach Rex Ryan who received the same exact surgery. Both men got the surgery for different personal reasons, but mainly to try and help their health in the years to come when they will still be in the public’s eye.

Perhaps Christie wanted this surgery in preparation for a possible 2016 presidential election. Everyone is taught to treat others fairly, no matter their size or color of their skin, but prejudice happens every day. Citizens of the United States would most likely not choose a candidate who is extremely overweight.

The United states has not had an extremely overweight president since the early 1930s when Herbert Hoover was in office. As televison advanced, citizens were able to see the physical appearence of each candiate and would be much less inclinded to vote for an overweight candidate. Citizens will wonder when the president may die since his weight is so unhealthy. They would not be able to rely on him being a dependable leader with his health risks.

In addition, thousands of people already make fun of Christie’s weight, calling him “Governor Crispy Cream.” If Christie wants to have a legitimate chance at winning the election, he has to shed many pounds.

However, Christie mentioned, “This is a hell of a lot more important to me than running for president.”

Being so heavy must definitely put a lot a pressure on any person to “grab the reigns” of their life in some way. Christie says that he is getting this surgery for him and his family, which is an obvious factor, but a good view from the public also seems important for a possible presidential candidate.

“We tend to look up to people who have authority. With obesity levels being higher than ever in the United States, Chris Christie should do whatever it takes to lose weight to make a good role model and representative for our country,” says freshman Aliyah Frank.

Putting yourself in Chris Christie’s position, would you get the surgery? For what reasons?

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