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Celebrity Halloween costumes of 2014


Tons of celebrities took part of Halloween on October 31, 2014 by dressing up in festive costumes; some were better than others, however.

One of my favorites was worn by the queen herself, Beyoncé, and her two-year-old daughter Blue. Beyoncé dressed up as Janet Jackson and Blue dressed as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Beyoncé wore Janet’s “Rhythm Nation” look, sporting an all black outfit that included a vest and baseball cap.

Blue wore an almost exact replica of Michael’s red and gold marching band jacket. Blue even had the accessories to a T with the famous white glove, white socks and black shoes, and tinted sunglasses.

Sophomore Mya Harris said, “My favorite celebrity costume this year was definitely Beyoncé and Baby Blue. It was so cute! They had all the elements to their costume and it was a great tribute to two great performers.”

Beyoncé shared their picture-perfect costumes on Instagram and added a caption that said, “Janet and MJ”.

Kim Kardashian West’s daughter, North, also ranked high on my list of favorites. North was dressed up, along with her cousin Penelope Disick, as an adorable skunk and wore a full body costume.

West also posted her daughter’s costume on Instagram with a caption that said, “My little stinker is waiting to show daddy her costume. Halloween started early this morning.”

Speaking of the Wests, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan dressed up as “Kimye” on their show “Kelly and Michael”. The pair dressed up in Kimye’s wedding outfits. Ripa had on Kim’s white dress and included some extra stuffing in the back to emphasize Kim’s bigger back side. Strahan had on a suit and bow tie but no under shirt. It was a good spoof on the famous couple.

This was just one of their many costumes included in their episode. The duo also dressed up as zombies from “The Walking Dead” and Piper Chapman and Crazy Eyes from “Orange is the New Black”.

Singer Katy Perry took a different approach at a costume; she dressed up as a “Flamin’ Hot Cheeto”. She showed the world her get-up on October 30 at Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. She even carried a bag of Cheetos to go along with the costume. If you did not see a picture of her costume, I recommend you take a look. I guarantee you will get a laugh out of it.

Sophomore Nicole Cardinali said, “Katy Perry’s costume was one of the funniest costumes I have seen in a while. It was really different but it still made me laugh. I do not think I would have worn it, but Katy made it work for her.”

Another costume that caught my eye was worn by model Heidi Klum at her Halloween bash. Klum dressed up as a colorful, but somewhat creepy butterfly. Her costume was a full body suit and included giant wings, tall platform heels, and antenna. I acknowledge her effort for dressing up in this over-the-top outfit.

Hayden Panettiere of course did not let me down with her costume, even while pregnant. She dressed up as a cheetah showing off her baby-bump. The “Nashville” television show star painted her face and wore a cheetah bikini. Panettiere tweeted her costume on twitter and said, “Happy Halloweeeeen!!!!”

Iggy Azalea dressed up for her haters this Halloween. The “Fancy” singer dressed up as Marlon Wayans from “White Chicks”, looking scarily similar. Many people have told Azalea over social media that she looks like the character, including Snoop Dog. I give Azalea a lot of credit for sticking up for herself and getting the last laugh.

Azalea shared her costume on Instagram and said, “Bye haterzzzzz.”

All costumes were different than each other, but many did impress me. I am excited to see what celebrities will have in store next year. How about a Frito Chip next year Perry?

What was your favorite costume worn by a celebrity?

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