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Calpurnia releases new single ‘Greyhound’

Canadian indie rock band Calpurnia released their third single on May 18, 2018. The single “Greyhound” is available on all streaming platforms and on seven-inch vinyl in local record stores.

Calpurnia released their highly anticipated first single, “City Boy,” back in March. With only 149,791 monthly listeners on Spotify, their debut single has been a huge success with over two millions plays.

The band’s second single, “Louie,” released in April, has not had as much success with only 343,698 plays

Within just over a week, “Greyhound” has received 149,970 plays.

All three released singles are to be in Calpurnia’s debut EP “Scout,” set to be released on June 15.

Freshman Sydney Graenert says, “I can’t wait for their EP to come out  I love all the music they have put out so far, and I think their EP is going to be really good.”

What sets this band apart from all other up-and-coming bands is that the members of the group are only 15-17 years old. Along with rhythm guitarist and lead singer Finn Wolfhard, Calpurnia consists of 17-year-old bassist Jack Anderson, 15-year-old drummer Malcolm Craig, and 16-year-old lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe.

These talented bunch have brilliantly produced singles that have a nostalgic sound, and have managed to create songs that have a lot of soul for their age.

It is evident in their music that the band has taken inspiration from various different music genres, including classic rock, blues, and funk. They combined several different sounds to produce their own original style.

Most new indie rock bands have a hard time getting attention from the music industry. Their fame and success usually comes with time and a lot of hard work. However, Calpurnia has come to fame quite quickly, which is extremely impressive considering how young they are.

Junior Ann Santana says, “Calpurnia’s music is so mature for their age. It’s almost impossible to tell that it’s just a bunch of young teens when you give their music a listen.”

What has really aided in Calpurnia’s success is the fact that the band’s lead singer, Wolfhard, is award-winning actor from the Netflix original series “Stranger Things” and hit movie remake “IT.”

Wolfhard’s success in the show has drawn a lot of attention to his band. Since he plays one of the main characters, his band has become very popular with almost 100,000 followers on Instagram. This is not all to say the Calpurnia has not worked hard or deserved its fame, but it definitely is a huge factor.

Calpurnia, in fact, does 100 percent deserve all its recognition. It does not just take a member of your band to be a well-known actor for your band to be successful in the music industry; it takes talent, skill, and charisma – all qualities that members of Calpurnia possess.

What did you think of “Greyhound”?

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