Calm before the storm

A look inside the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene 


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  Hurricane Irene made land fall on Sunday August 28,the first hurricane to hit New Jersey since 1903. Moving northward along the coastline, Irene made its way to Monroe, causing catastrophic flooding and power outages along the Jersey Shore.   No one anticipated Irene to be such a threat to the community, leaving nearly 130 homes flooded or water-damaged. In the aftermath of the destruction, family members, neighbors and friends walked through the streets of Monroe, consoling each other.   Junior Emily Moyes says, “I saw some houses that were completely flooded, even one house broken in two. It was so tragic.”   Jamesburg also faced damage due to Lake Manalapan in Thompson Park overflowing.

   The Red Cross and FEMA came to the aid of many families. Good Samaritans have also been helping victims of the hurricane. Relief efforts have been set up in many areas to help clean up and restore the community. With the help of social networks, groups have been set up by community members, such as the Lange family. These exemplary community members lent a helping hand to those affected by Irene.   One positive outcome of the hurricane is the way the citizens of Monroe came together to help people in need.   “It was so amazing to see the community come together and help,” says Language Arts teacher Mrs. Renee Hardt, who witnessed firsthand the effects Irene had on Monroe.   Although Hurricane Irene devastated the East Coast, it showed that, in a time of need, people will come together to support anyone affected. 

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