Cake Boss arrested for DWI

by MARIAH THOMPSON Section Editor

Buddy Valastro, also known as the “Cake Boss”, was arrested for a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge on November 13, 2014 in New York City.

Driving his yellow corvette, Valastro was pulled over around one o’clock in the morning on New York City’s West Side. The pastry chef was driving carelessly and erratically, which led the police to pull him over. Police also said Valastro was swerving a lot as he went north between 20th and 32nd streets.

When police asked the baker of Montville, New Jersey to step out of the vehicle, he was very unbalanced and not able to stand well. He also showed signs of being intoxicated with bloodshot, watery eyes.

According to “E! News”, the 42-year-old was taken to central booking in Manhattan for arraignment after he failed his breathalyzer test.

Junior Emily Guerren said, “I am actually really in shock that this happened. I did not take him to be this reckless. He is a celebrity and really should have thought about what he was doing. He is extremely lucky that he did not injure or kill anyone. That would have been bad.”

The reality star has many of his own shows on the TLC network including “Cake Boss”, “Next Great Baker”, and “Buddy’s Bakery Rescue”. He is also a frequent guest on shows like “Rachael Ray”.

ABC News reached out to the TLC network, but reported that they did not receive an immediate response.

The famous baker also owns many Carlo’s Bakeries around the country. Some locations include Las Vegas, Nevada; Times Square, New York; the original bakery in Hoboken, NJ; as well as many others in New Jersey.

His father, Buddy Valastro Sr., acquainted the Hoboken bakery back in 1964 and taught his son mostly everything about baking, from making cookies to cakes to dealing with fondant and buttercream. Valastro was determined to make Carlo’s Bakery a household name for his late father. He achieved his goal, expanding the business throughout the past few years.

“I have been to Buddy’s bakery in Hoboken once and I loved it! There was so much to choose from and all the desserts were fresh. The wait, however, was out the door and around the corner. But for me, all of the desserts were well worth the wait. I really would love to order a huge cake for my birthday one year,” sophomore Caitlyn Angley said.

Nearly three years ago, Valastro opened up his huge Lackawanna factory near Jersey City, New Jersey. Lackawanna is a 1.3 million square foot office where most of “Cake Boss” is filmed. Thousands of desserts are exported from there to all over the country every day.

Valastro also has four children – Sophia, Buddy Jr., Marco, and Carlo – ranging from ages three to 11 with wife Lisa. The baker has a huge extended family, but no statements have been released from them about Valastro being taken into custody.

What do you think Buddy Valastro should get as his punishment after being arrested for a DWI?

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