Breakups: Why you are better off without them

by CAROLINE GAVURA Section Editor

One day you are cuddling next to your loved one and the next you are cuddling a tub of “Chocolate Therapy” watching “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” for the 10th time today. You are blindsided, heartbroken and do not know where to turn.

Well, you came to the right place.

Having had experience in this area, I’d like to think of myself as “that friend” my friends turn to when they end things with their high school sweethearts and need a wake up call.

“Breaking up is hard, but everything happens for a reason! It is possible to move on and be happy again,” said senior Michelle Barclay.

You may of heard the phrase “time heals all wounds,” but honey, it takes a lot more than time- let me tell you.


  1. Erase the evidence. Get rid of everything that reminds you of your ex- and I mean everything. Stuffed animals, jewelry, pictures- everything. Extra points for getting your friends together and throwing the items into your backyard fire pit. Can you say ‘bonfire’?

  2. Spotify has your back. During a mandatory night out with your friends, feel free to blast some iconic bad ass break up jams. (Some of my favorites are “Best Thing I Never Had” by the queen Beyoncé and “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Branch.)

  3. Make social media safe. New apps like “Killswitch” and “Echofon” let you pick and choose what you would like to see on your feed in regards to your ex. No more surprise posts that make your heart shatter into a million pieces! Thank you, technology!

  4. Do you. Every time you have the urge to send that “I miss you” text, direct your energy toward something more positive. After spending so much time devoting all your time to one person, it can be hard to focus on yourself for once. Pamper yourself, work hard in school – better yourself!

  5. Complaining will not help. In the words of Destiny’s Child, “I ain’t gon’ diss you on the Internet, cuz my mama taught me better than that.” Do not become a person you hate – venting on the Internet will only make you look bad. Trust me.

  6. This too shall pass. Even when it feels like the pain of your broken heart will never end – keep going. Wallowing in your sadness will prolong the process of healing.

  7. Meet new people! Don’t be afraid to get back out there and talk to someone new. This step is reserved for when you are completely done with your ex; otherwise, it is rather easy to “rebound”…

“When my ex dumped me, I thought I would be miserable forever. But doing simple things like exercising, starting a new hobby, and listening to music can help change your mood instantly,” said an anonymous student.

I hope these tips help when the road gets tough! Be sure to always look on the bright side, and not to pour your heart into someone who does not truly care about you.

What is your advice for the newly single?

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