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Bovine Burgers fulfills your comfort food cravings

Jamesburg’s Bovine Burgers brings variety to the town by selling burgers, shakes, fries and more. It had its grand opening on October 7, 2017 at 76B West Railroad Avenue.

Bovine Burgers is located at what was formerly Subway on West Railroad Ave after it closed in 2016. After months of the lot being vacant, residents were delighted to find out that a burger joint was opening.

“We have so many amazing restaurants in town. It’s nice to have one that offers burgers and fries, since that type of food is not typical at the restaurants in Jamesburg,” says resident Michelle George.

Bovine Burgers joins other current food establishments in Jamesburg such as Ciro’s, Romeo’s, Fiddleheads, Per Tutti, Mendokers, and more.

Bovine Burgers serves a broad spectrum of food, including burgers with over two dozen toppings, fries, hotdogs, salads, and shakes.

Its menu items usually include plays-on-words or puns like “The Jamesburger” or “’Shrooms, Swine, and Bovine.”

Substitutions are available for the buns, patties, and toppings. Black bean patties are available, as well as grilled chicken patties and lettuce buns.

Over a dozen shakes and floats are available, including their specialty cereal milkshakes.

While Bovuje Burgers does not serve meals, you can individually order sides such as fries and onion rings for an additional cost. Prices range between $2.79 to $4.49.

Additional drinks are also available to purchase, including fountain sodas with free refills and bottled juice, drinks, and water for $1.99.

The restaurant focuses on providing quality food and service to its customers. Everything they serve is fresh.

Freshman Crystal Genthe says, “The food is good and the environment is comfortable. … The service is fairly quick and the people working there always are wearing a big smile.”

The establishment has an industrial look to it with its brick exterior, wooded interior and metal chairs. Faint music plays throughout the place, adding to the ambiance.

On the inside along the walls are charging ports for Apple, Android, and Samsung phones. Free wifi is also provided as well, giving the place a nice millennial touch.

Freshman Jonathan Kall says, “It’s a really nice and clean restaurant with high quality food.… I got the bacon cheeseburger with fries and ate all of it because it was so good.”

The wait for food is roughly 15 minutes, but it is definitely worth it once you take a bite of your freshly made meal.

What’s your go-to meal at Bovine Burgers?

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