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Body Transformation Solutions evolution

by EMILY FODOR Editor-in-chief

It is a challenge to both eat healthy and stay active being constantly surrounded by junk food, large portions, 50-60 hour work weeks, and technology. However, there is a major solution to the world’s epidemic of obesity – Body Transformation Solutions, a 3-month process that specializes in exercise and nutrition coaching, run by Dan Blumenstock. With an initial career choice of a police officer, his dreams were put on hold when he was diagnosed with epilepsy.  This condition is a neurological condition characterized by seizures. He was strongly encouraged to change his life direction, and here he is now, an owner of his own business. Body Tranformation Solutions owner Blumenstock says, “I often tell people that being diagnosed with epilepsy was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me realize that I shouldn’t take anything for granted.” In starting his own business, Blumenstock stressed the importance of translating ideas to action. After researching as much as he could on the topic of entrepreneurship, he explains that there is no “perfect timing” and the best way to achieve something is to get out and do it. He says, “When obstacles came up along the way or if something I did didn’t quite work out, I made the appropriate changes and kept moving forward. I kept taking action.” The basis of the Body Transformation Solutions workout plan is short and intense body training with minimalistic exercise selection. Blumenstock believes the best results come from an hour or less intense workouts that combine heavy lifting and short rest intervals. His workouts target the entire body since the more muscle fibers that are stimulated translate to more post-workout repairing, and an excess amount of calories are burned while at rest. Blumenstock explains further, “This is called Excess Post Oxygen Consumption or EPOC. EPOC represents the number of calories you burn at rest. You spend most of your life outside of the gym. Therefore, it is of upmost importance to structure your workouts in a way that maximizes fat loss at rest.” In addition to short, intense training with a few repetitive exercises, the process targets a quick transition between opposite muscle groups.  This exercise is referred to as “supersetting antagonistic muscles.”  For example, since chest and back are antagonistic, he suggests doing a set of push-ups, then quickly transitioning to pull-ups.  Instead of doing push-ups, pause, then another set, Blumenstock’s idea maximizes results in less time and increases the weight the client can handle. When asked how to motivate lazy people, Blumenstock had a unique response to the question.  He explained the fact that during his 1-on-1 training, he only deals with aspiring people that have it in them to work hard. He says to people who are not encouraged, “You need to ask yourself, ‘How bad do I want it?'” As most exercise comes with diet, Blumenstock believes that the best way to maximize weight loss is to follow uniform eating. This is a concept where you basically eats the same things every day. That way, you are can easily monitor changes in your body without counting calories.  Using clients’ intuition, he tells people that they know what is healthy and unhealthy for the most part, and to follow their instincts. If you would like to learn more about the Body Transformation Solutions, you can visit the website: The motto that Blumenstock lives by is “Nothing in life is easy, but we find a way to get it done anyway.”

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