Bieber’s latest album serves its “Purpose”

From his first album, “My World,” to his most recent release, “Purpose,” it is evident Justin Beiber has really grown into a man.

Beiber’s musical career started when he was only 16 and was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun, who is now his manager. From that time, Bieber was able to successfully release four albums until things went downhill for him. After releasing his last album, “Journals,” back in 2013, you can say that Bieber fell off the face of the earth.

After being found under the influence while drag racing in Miami, vandalizing his neighbor’s property, physically assaulting paparazzi, and peeing in a bucket at a restaurant, Bieber became better known for his mistakes than his music.

For the past two years, the 21-year-old Canadian has taken a break to recover his reputation from the slip ups made back in 2013.

But have no fear, Bieber is here! On November 13, 2015, Bieber released his fifth album, “Purpose,” which I am proud to say is his best record yet.

“Purpose” includes party songs that make you wanna dance with the help of Skrillex and Diplo, and it also has some chilled out songs that are good for a stressful day.

“I love all of the songs on this album because not all of them were about girls or love. There were inspiring songs about life in general and also songs about Justin’s life,” says freshman Ciara Goldin.

The moment is now here for the Beliebers to come together and enjoy the album Bieber has blessed us with this year!

Mark My Words: Bieber admitted on “Ellen” that he wrote this song about his previous girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Although the song is only about two minutes, it still has a powerful message and overall perfect way to open up an album.

I’ll Show You: This next track is, without a doubt, one of the fan favorites. It is definitely more on the personal side for Bieber. He opens up with, “My life is a movie, that everyone’s watching.” This song is all about Bieber proving to his listeners how much he has changed over the years.

What Do You Mean?:  What do you mean you have not heard this song!? This track was the first taste of new music we have gotten from Bieber in a long time, which explains the clock ticking throughout the song. Also, I think many can agree with me on the fact that the melody of this song is insanely good, but the music video just put the icing on the cake!

Love Yourself: This song is more chilled out, but it is still one of my personal favorites because Sheeran co-wrote it alongside Bieber. Despite the title, “Love Yourself,” what that phrase actually means is, “I don’t need you anymore.” Bieber is trying to imply that if one person is no longer trying in a relationship and is too full of themselves, then they can go on and love themselves instead.

“‘Love Yourself’ is my favorite track of this album because based on his lyrics, he’s talking about moving on and being a strong and independent guy, which is what I think he should be focusing on,” says sophomore Simran Singh.

No Sense: I have to say, this is not one of my favorites, but it was definitely interesting. Bieber collaborates with Travis Scott in this song, and although there were some unfortunate elements of autotune and bad grammar in this track, it is still not something I would use my skip on just yet.

The Feeling: I do not know if I am even ready to talk about this song because I still have yet to get over how amazing it is. This track features the one and only queen, Halsey. When I saw her name pop up on the track list, I might have died for a second. I can definitely see this song being a future single because the combination of Bieber’s voice and Halsey’s soft, soulful voice just makes for the perfect song.

Life Is Worth Living: This is the song all the Beliebers feared. Cue the tears right about now. Hearing Bieber’s stripped back vocals with nothing but a piano behind them is how you learn to appreciate his talents. So far, this has to be the most genuine and heartfelt song on the album that you can listen to whenever your down in the dumps.

Where Are You Now: I can safely say, that this song was a tad bit overplayed and it is a track I skip when it comes on, but I know I am not the only one who is guilty for this! However, if we rewind back to when I first heard this song back on February 27, you will see me dancing in my room with the speakers on full bast while my entire family was asleep.

Purpose: Finally, we get to the most anticipated song on the album, “Purpose.” The piano returns in this track and the listeners’ goosebumps rise once more. Bieber aimed this toward the fans and how he realized that even after his long break, his fans still stuck by his side and were sure to support him in his return. The song closes with a motivational speech from Bieber, letting the fans know to always give it their all in life and to “give yourself grace.”

Overall, this album proved to me how Bieber has matured as a person not only mentally, but also musically. The past couple years have been rough for Bieber to regain his composure, but hopefully, people can look past his fallouts and look at him as a person now.

What was your favorite track off "Purpose?"

  1. Mark My Words

  2. I'll Show You

  3. What Do You Mean?

  4. Sorry

  5. Love Yourself

  6. Company

  7. No Pressure

  8. No Sense

  9. The Feeling

  10. Life Is Worth Living

  11. Where Are You Now

  12. Children

  13. Purpose

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