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Bieber dethrones Gaga


The most followed person currently on Twitter is an 18-year-old pop star with famous hair who goes by the name of Justin Bieber.

Bieber has beat singer, Lady Gaga, and is now the most followed person on the social network website since Monday night. Bieber has more than 33,333,000 followers, with Gaga taking second place with a total number of 33,329,000 followers. Both numbers continued to increase, with Bieber slowly taking the lead.

“Justin Bieber worked his way up from being an average kid and is now one of the biggest celebrities in the world. He has clearly earned his fame and I’m so excited for him to be the most followed person currently on Twitter!” said sophomore Alyssa Clemente.

Gaga’s latest tweet since then was a message to her fans about her in concert in Hollywood, California that took place on Monday night. Justin Bieber’s tweet was simply about a recent Teen Vogue photo shoot. Neither of them realized the result of their follows on Twitter.

The pop star is Twitter’s first king since Gaga surpassed Britney Spears in August 2010. Even though Bieber may have more follows on Twitter, Gaga has about 55 million fans on Facebook compared to Bieber’s 50,666,000.

“Justin has made it very far in his career and is very successful. Beliebers have been waiting for this moment for a very long time! I’m suprised it took this long for Bieber to beat Lady Gaga! However, I think everyone knew it was bound to happen,” said sophomore Deanna Fisher.

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