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Best weekend 1 Coachella Music Festival 2018 looks

The Coachella Music Festival is an annual event held in Indio, California in which the fashion is just as prominent as the music. Classic Coachella fashion centers around boho-chic, and typically attendees go out of their way to wear something they would not typically wear.

This year’s Coachella guests did not fail to step up and kill the fashion game. The following is a compilation of some of 2018’s best looks.

Out of this World: Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain started off her Coachella weekend by rocking this look that screamed cosmic all the way to her holographic nails. She sported a white mesh top detailed with white stars. Under that, a stylish white bralette. She paired that with a sparkly lilac mini skirt that brought the space vibes together. With her skirt, she accessorized with a trendy chain, hoop belt. What completely brought this look together were her trendy, retro orange-yellow star sunglasses.

She completed the look with some star-shaped glitter for highlighting.

The only thing that could make this look more “out of this world” would be space buns, but her braids with glitter lined down her part are super chic and work well with the look nonetheless.

Follow her on Instagram to look at more of her fun Coachella pics at @_emmachamberlain

Freshman Alex Spinelli said, “I honestly use Emma for everyday fashion inspiration. She has a great sense of style, and her Coachella outfit did not disappoint. I always love seeing what type of crazy sunglasses she manages to find and pull off!”

Super Sparkle: Camila Coelaho

Camila Coelaho totally killed this last-day Coachella look. Coelaho paired a cute leather bralette with a tri-colored high waisted, sequined mini skirt. The skirt offers the perfect amount of fun to this stunning ensemble.

As cute as this look is, it is the skirt that steals the show and draws attention. The pinks, purples, and slivers are a good pop of color to this otherwise dark outfit, making it the perfect festival look. Coelaho accessorized with a large detailed metal necklace, cute circular sunglasses, rings, and a trendy black, ringed belt She paired this outfit with on-trend black leather boots

Check her out Instagram to see more pretty pics at @camilacoelaho

Crotchet Cutie: Yovanna Ventura

Yovanna Ventura kept it simple for her second day Coachella look with a cute two piece. Crocheted yellow, pink, and red stripes come to life in this wrap around crop top with a small triangle cut out and high waisted miniskirt with cute tassels. Ventura paired this set with a simple yellow jacket to keep her warm during the chilly desert nights. She accessorized by keeping it easy with a cute choker and hoop earrings.

Follow her on Instagram to see more trendy outfits @Yoventura

Triple Threat: Jamie Mansfield

When initially assigning titles and “awards” to looks, it seemed that three were assigned to the same person: Jamie Mansfield. Mansfield killed it all three days of Coachella, making her the ultimate Triple Threat. With multiple outfit changes and each being better than the last, Mansfield appeared in five different outfits on her Instagram throughout the camp and festival grounds.

She went from beautiful, detailed rompers to an elegant, flowy dress, a stunning two piece skirt/crop top combo, and a fun printed pant suit. None of her outfits lacked in any means. She detailed each outfit with different hats, bags, facial embellishments, body jewelry, cute belts, statement necklaces and rings, trendy bracelets, fun sunglasses, and gorgeously-done hair. Her sense of fashion and attention to detail is simply remarkable, to say the least.

Check out more of Mansfield’s perfect Coachella pics @jamienkidd

Freshman Alexis Marsella says, “Her Coachella pictures are my goal. Pictures and outfits like Jamie’s are really the only reason I wish I was at Coachella. All of her outfits were just perfect. I really wish I was her.”

Pretty in Prints: Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi started off her Coachella weekend with a lively, printed two piece that, not gonna lie, gives off some heavy pirate vibes (of course, in a good way). The lace up bralette features a tribal, geometric print with hanging circular, silver decals. When paired with the matching wraparound skirt lined with a studded embroidery, this look comes together.

Mirsalehi accessorized her pirate-vibe look with a variety of layered jewelry and a bag to hold her festival necessities. She finishes this look with a half-up-half-down French braid and gemstones around the eyes.

Follow her on Instagram to give a peep at her other Coachella looks @negin_mirsalehi

Best Overall: Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill looked absolutely adorable while attending Coachella day two. Her colorful outfit, on-fleek accessories, and creative hairstyle is why she wins best overall.

Going from top to bottom, Hills hair was in a messy-casual top-knot hair bun. Under her eyes and all over her forehead were delicately placed silver gems. Her neck was covered in a tri-layer necklace with multiple charms and crystals while hanging from her ears were elaborate blue hanging earrings.

Hill wore a purple-blue crop tank top and matching high waisted skirt. The set was covered in intricate gems placed in a beautiful plantlike look. She had a baby pink crossbody bag with a long and light baby pink cardigan. Hill sported baby pink Converse sneakers and a bandana tied around her ankle.

Festival looks should be amusing, different, vibrant, and really should just fulfill one’s deepest Lady Gaga-crazy dreams. Hill’s look has all these factors and more of perfection. She made sure to cover every aspect of her appearance in excruciating detail.

“Wow, Taylor Hill looked amazing. I love her festival look. It was so cute, fun, and creative.… If I were to go to Coachella, I would want her to style my outfit,” says freshman Kaley Battoglia.

Take another look at Hill’s style by following her instagram @taylor_hill

Squad Goals: Candace Alleyne, Josh Kaplan, Okie Tilo, Mike Hammonds, Areis Evans, and Jackie.

Talk about #squadgoals! Get ready to obsess over these crazy styles.

The group of six rocked Coachella with their jungle-army combo. The mix of colors that the friends put together blended like pressed kale juice. Camouflage, bronze-gold, hunter greens, leather, big sunglasses, and combat boots were key factors of the group’s outfits.

Walking through the festival, one would definitely be intimidated by the epicness of the friends. After all, there is nothing better than taking on a festival with fashionable friends by one’s side.

Get your squad goals by following @okesene

Dynamic Duo: Bella and Gigi Hadid

The model Hadid sisters looked fabulous together, wearing funky denim prints and tan/brown crop tops. The girls also had wrists full of scrunchies and bracelets paired with necklace-body jewelry.

Bella Hadid’s light wash jeans and brown tank complimented Gigi Hadid’s dark wash jeans and tan tank to the T. Walking hand-in-hand, the sisters made every festival go-er wish they had a built-in best friend to twin with.

Check these beauties out on their Instagrams @bellahadid and @gigihadid

Freshman Julia Calandruccio says, “I want to walk into Coachella with my twin. Bella and Gigi looked super good together. I liked how they complimented each other; they were in opposite clothes, but it just went well when out together.”

Casually Killing it: Winnie Harlow

While Coachella is a chance to dress up, Winnie Harlow dressed on the casual side— but still killed it. It takes skill to dress down in a crowd of people dressed up and still look amazing.

Harlow paired light red sunglasses with her long wavy hair. She was in a lacy red bandeau tank top and mid-length, cropped, loose, light blue denim jeans matched nicely with strappy red heels.

The combination of trendy casual clothes with a summery flare was a perfect mix to accompany Harlow. It truly worked in Harlow’s favor to dress down for the fun weekend.

“It is not fair how beautiful Winnie looked. Her outfit went so well together— I wish I could pull off the look she did,” said freshman Arianna Cuddy.

Best Hair: Jessie Paege

Hair shall not be forgotten in this article! Paege’s rainbow braids are so captivating and elaborate. The beautiful sky blue, baby pink, and lavender against her light blonde hair appeals to the eye.

The braids are flawlessly executed. She has two French braids over the top of her head that pull down to loose flowing waves. Paege has hair that is truly beautiful and fit for the up-beat festival.

Junior Alexis Holland said, “Her hair is really pretty! It is actually goals. All of the colors and braids are perfect for Coachella. I wish I could do my hair like that.”

What trends would you sport at Coachella?

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