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Bad baby names

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor

In the aspect of raising children, everything changes with time. One main thing that has changed over the  years is what the name of the child is going to be. There are so many different names that are being made up, spelled differently or changed for any gender. Overall, these next names are the most strange in 2012.

There is no common theme with these names. Essentially, these parents are choosing the most random words they can possibly come up with.

The 10 most common strange names for girls are:

1. Americus – I’m assuming that this is a variation of America. Many females are notorious for naming their children America as a sign of nationalism. Americus is a pleasant change to the traditional America. It is also the name of Natalie Portman’s daughter in “Where the Heart Is”.

2. Deva – this is a slight change to the common Diva. Divas are defined as a famous female popular singer, or a woman who is famous and very glamourous. These traits are commonly associated with females, hence the name Diva. I guess Diva was too simple of a way to spell it.

3. Fedora – a fedora is a low, soft felt hat with a curled brim and the crown creased around the whole hat. These hats are commonly worn by men. However, recently fedoras for women are being made, hence the female name Fedora.

4. Samanda is a mash up of the common names Samantha and Amanda. I do not know if that exactly works, but it sure is creative.

5. Yoga – a type of exercise that involves spiritual and ascetic discipline. It includes breath control and simple meditation. Yoga is associated with being fit and healthy, something everyone wants for their newborn!

6. Zealand is one of the more creative names on the list. New Zealand is an island country in the South Pacific, east of Australia.

7. California, one of our largest and most sung about states. When anyone thinks of being extremely successful, they most likely will think of California.

8. Queenie is another one of the more creative names. Queens are independent rulers; every mother wants her daughter to become independent as well. Queenie is a cuter, more feminine version of Queen.

9.  Admire – a word that means “with respect or warm approval or a look of pleasure”.  These are warm and comforting things that a mother would hope someone would think about her daughter Admire.

10. Rouge – a word that describes a person whose behavior is reckless, but who is likable or attractive.

Oh, and we simply cannot forget about those who name their daughter Hashtag! #Hashtag

“I have no idea how these people even come up with these creative names!” says sophomore Taylor Zeni.

Boys as well are being named really strange things that may or may not be associated with male actions. The top 10 most common strange boys names in 2012 are:

1. Ball – an object used to play almost any sport. Sports are extremely popular and competitive, especially for boys.

2. Burger – as in a hamburger, is another manly word or object. If you named your son Burger, hopefully he will grow up to become a strong, masculine man.

3. Espn – a network on television that broadcasts sports and sports-related topics. Boys and men are particularly interested in sports, which in some way justifies naming your child Espn.

4. Hippo – short for hippopotamus, a large thick-skinned semi-aquatic African mammal. I am not exactly sure what parents are trying to accomplish with this name. Maybe a thick-skinned boy, referring to someone who does not let a lot of things bother them? Who knows.

5. Google – a national corporation that provides Internet amenities, such as Internet searches and cloud computing. Let us just say Google is a creative boy’s name.

6. Hurricane – a storm with violent wind and rain. Maybe parents want their son to be violent and destructive.

7. Navaryous – a name with no specific meaning. Most baby name websites have Navaryous listed, but no one knows what it means. The only name related to it is Ryan.

8. Popeye – more commonly known as Popeye the Sailor man is a fictional cartoon character popular in the 1920’s until 1994. Apparently the young children who watched Popeye on TV are now having their own kids!

9. Tron – a 1982 American science fiction film about the inside of computers. Again, the young people who once watched “Tron” are now old enough to have children.

10. Villiam – derived from the traditional name William. Villiam sounds like William, but with some sort of European accent. I guess you could call him Vill for short.

All of these names are popular in 2012, but we simply cannot forget about all of the celebrities that had children this year and named them anything but normal names. On the top of the list would be Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter. No one is totally sure why ‘Blue’ in her name, but IV, as in the Roman Numeral 4, is the name of Beyonce’s newest album.

Actress Uma Thurman has finally released what the name of her child is going to be – Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. Thurman says she is going to call her daughter Luna.

Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth welcome their son Tennessee, along with actress Drew Barrymore who names her new daughter Olive. Dallas Cowboy Quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford name their new son Hawkins.

“I literally cannot believe all of these crazy names that so many celebrities name their children,” says sophomore Catarina Santo.

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