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Assault: all just a game?

by EMILY SZPAK Social Media Coordinator

Making headlines by causing several injuries and even a death is one of the newest “games” on the streets, knockout is popular in inner cities amongst young children and teens, where they hit unaware citizens in the head and try to knock them out. The “game” has become an epidemic, showing a disgusting lack of morals and conscience.

“I heard about the incidents and i think it’s inhuman that people actually get fun out of hurting innocent strangers” says junior Rebecca Tessler.

The degenerates participating in the knockout game have even gone so low as to attack helpless elderly victims. Imagine going up to an elderly stranger and punching them in the face. The idea of something like that seems so ridiculous.

Now imagine being elderly, minding your own business, and being attacked. This has become a harsh reality for some citizens.

The citizens of the country should never fear walking down the street, as we are supposed to be protected.

The series of attacks have been occurring in New York and all around the country. The knockout “game” has been linked to multiple deaths throughout the last decade. Other names it has been known as are “knockout king”, “bombing”, “polar-bearing”, and “polar bear hunting”. There are a lot of unknown details involving the game, and it is unclear if the main purpose of the trend is targeting specific races, identifying it as a hate crime.

There is also a lot of controversy surrounding the “game” aspects of the attacks. Many of the alleged attackers, when questioned, responded that it was a game. Many officials refuse to identify the assaults as a game. New York State assemblyman Jim Tedisco has pushed forward in legislation to charge all juvenile offenders participating in the game as adults.

These crimes are not attempted murders or robberies, which has thrown a wrench in the outcome for the criminals. However, regardless of motive, you know how dangerous it can be. If you have intentionally harmed someone, you should be held responsible.

“You’re clearly uneducated if you participate in this ‘fad’ and you deserve harsh punishment!” says junior Matt Gonzalez.

Race and religion are also a questioning factor in the crimes. Several of the crimes have been committed by young African-American boys attacking white men. It is unclear whether the injuries or deaths derived from racial hate, but it is surely being investigated, changing the nature of the crime.

There have also been many theories of anti-Semitism playing a role in the attacks. In Brooklyn, several attacks on Jewish people were reported as almost all of the people attacked were identified as Jewish.

Despite any racial and religious influences, the violent attacks are not fair to the citizens of this country, who expect to be safe and accepted.

Although there has been idea to create harsher sentences for those liable and accomplices, there has been no immediate action put into place. Some feel harsher discipline is not necessary, and that word just needs to be spread about the seriousness of the crimes and its impacts. Although they are idiots and deserve harsh punishment, the juveniles were playing a “game”.

What are your thoughts on “knockout”?

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