Apple’s sales rotting with new competition

With the recent and upcoming releases of the Sony XPeria Z5, Samsung Jelly and Galaxy S8, along with the reemergence of Blackberry, Apple may be in for a run for their money.

Apple’s biggest competitor is Samsung, whose latest release, the Galaxy S8, is shaping up to be the best competitor for the iPhone 7.

Apple’s latest releases are the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a rise of complaints have begun to accumulate about the phone. For one, the phones costs $600+, a price that can scare a lot of consumers away. Also, the removal of the earbud jack caused a lot of controversy, as people will now have to use adapters or buy new headphones to be able to listen to music.

The Galaxy S8 boasts many features that exceed the iPhone in many different aspects. Samsung often gets ridiculed for their poor display. However, the S8 actually has a higher display resolution than the iPhone 7 and boasts an “infinity” screen that is more than an inch larger than the iPhone’s.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also has much larger and external storage options, better battery capacity, a higher rating on the certified waterproof spectrum, a wireless charger, and a eye scanner. Furthermore, the S8 offers VR (virtual reality) accessibility, and yes, the S8 does have an earbud jack.

There are actually only few things feature-wise where the iPhone 7 exceeds the S8, one of which is the camera. However, the Sony XPeria Z5 boasts the best camera on the market at a whooping 23 megapixels compared to the iPhone’s 12. The Z5 is also almost waterproof, has a better battery life, includes an earbud jack, and is cheaper than the iPhone 7.

Junior Tony Shaker said, “I was Team Galaxy for a really long time before I made the switch to Apple, and honestly, I don’t understand the hype. The Samsung has better battery life and nearly as good of a camera as the iPhone 7. The only thing I was missing out on was iMessage.”

2017 seems like the year of the retro phone. Many companies are taking ideas for early popular phones and revamping them to meet the needs of the new generation and, frankly, these phones have been getting some buzz.

Handheld mobile devices started off large and bulky, then steadily got slimmer, lighter, and more sleek. Then millennials wanted bigger screens for better display and such, so phones got larger again, but now, shrinkage is back.

Samsung has released a new phone called the Jelly, and it takes small to a new level, but packs a big punch. It runs Samsung’s latest operating system, has two cameras, and has three days of battery life. Best of all, an asking price of only $79 is predicted.

Junior Noah Phelps says, “The idea of this mini phones is dope. It’s something to consider getting kids when they’re old enough to have a phone, but don’t feel like spending Apple money on them.”

Remember Blackberry? Well they are debuting a new smartphone as well. The new and improved Blackberry KeyOne is a lot more impressive than people expected it to be. It also runs Samsung’s latest operating system and has a screen nearly as large as the iPhone 7’s, while still being able to incorporate a fully functioning physical keyboard. The KeyOne also has an earbud jack, external storage, and a rear-facing camera with the same amount of megapixels as the iPhone 7.

Perhaps the most surprising use of retro features has been paid homage to by the Samsung SM-W2017. The SM-W2017 is actually a smart-flip phone with TWO screens. The flip phone is not like the ones of old, however. It runs a slightly older but functioning Samsung 6.0.1 operating system with cameras equal to the quality of the iPhone 7 and better battery life. The SM-W2017 even has a finger scanner.

Which phone would you consider over the iPhone?

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