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Apple announces new iPhones

by BRIANNA SICILIANO Photo & Video Editor

Apple announced new products, the iPhone 5s and 5c, at Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California on September 10.

Over the past two years, Apple has released a new iPhone in September. Many Apple fans eagerly await each September, looking forward to the newest and brightest phone out in the world. This year, Apple customers do not have one phone to look forward to – they have two.

Apple claims that the iPhone 5c will be fairly similar to the iPhone 5. The 5c is close to the same size and weight as the iPhone 5, but the 5c is made of different exterior materials. Instead of an aluminum enclosure, the iPhone 5c is created with a plastic design, similar to the old white-plastic Macbook.

Not only is the exterior of the 5c created with plastic design, but the volume buttons, mute switch, and sleep/wake button are as well. Another advantage of the new phone includes better images from the phone’s FaceTime HD camera.

The ‘c’ does not stand for cheap, but instead, stands for colors. According to various leaked photos, the iPhone 5c will come in various hues, including pink, green, white, yellow, and blue.

Apple is calling the new iPhone 5s its most “forward-thinking phone.” Although the phone’s body is composed of the same materials used to make the iPhone 5, the interior is filled with advanced hardware.

“When I heard that Apple was releasing an iPhone 5s, I was really confused. The iPhone 5 has Siri already,” said sophomore Justin Salvesen.

Improvements in the phone include a slightly larger battery, better camera capabilities and upgrades, the touch identification fingerprint, and a slightly bigger selection of colors to choose from.

The 5s comes in “space gray” (with a black screen bezel and back trim), silver (with white screen bezel and back trim), or gold (also with white screen bezel and back trim).

“I’ve always wanted a gold phone, and now, I can get one,” said junior Corinne Franchette.

Along with the new iPhone comes new software. The software has drastically changed. There are new icons, animations, and features.

Specifically, there is a new Control Center area, which makes it easier to get to frequently used settings, including Wi-Fi and screen brightness. The multitasking view is also new, with a card view that lets you swipe to close apps.

With two brand-new iPhones on the market, which will you be getting?

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