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Anonymous back at it

by EMILY SZPAK Social Media Coordinator

Anonymous has yet again released information about a young girl’s rape case in Maryville, Missouri. Much like Steubenville, 14-year-old Daisy Coleman was raped by a 17-year-old senior, and the case was dropped before anyone was found guilty. Seeking justice Coleman and her family deserve, the hackers have spread the word of this case, causing internet outrage.

In January 2012, freshman Daisy Coleman and a friend were drinking when they decided to sneak to Mathew Barnett’s, a senior’s, house in the middle of the night. With complete knowledge of Coleman’s drinking, Barnett proceeded to hand her a glass of a “clear liquid” and have sex with her. Coleman’s friend recorded video of her assault. Coleman was carried out of the house crying, and her body was dumped in front of her home and left in 22 degree weather.

Initially, Barnett, 17 at the time, was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault and misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. However, shortly after he was charged, they were dropped. Although Barnett even admitted to having sex with Coleman, the prosecutor said there was not enough evidence and the victims had refused to communicate. However, Coleman and her mother say they have told them everything they know.

Despite the injustice of the case being dropped, Coleman’s nightmare did not end there. Coleman continued to be tormented in school, and was called awful names. She was pushed past her breaking point on more than one occasion, attempting to take her own life twice. Eventually, the Coleman family had to flee their town; however, before they moved, their house burned down in a mysterious fire.

The anonymous hacker group spread the word about Coleman’s case because far too often, people are not brought justice in rape cases. Barnett was aware of Coleman’s intoxication, regardless of how incapacitated she actually was. She was unable to consent due to the alcohol she had consumed.

Taking advantage of the girl was wrong. Clearly, his intentions were nowhere near moral when he dumped the half-clothed girl in front of her house in below freezing temperatures. It is unreal that the case was dropped before it could even get a trial. The government’s job is to protect its people and it failed to do so in another case against a teenage boy assaulting a young girl.

Maryville should be ashamed they let a case like this blow over with no repercussions. The Colemans deserve justice for their family. Anonymous says they will not stand down until the Colemans receive justice. With plenty of evidence and witnesses, it should be no problem to convict Barnett of his charges.  

It is time that we bring safety to those who have been sexually assaulted and abused, and that their attackers live with their actions for the rest of their lives. If Barnett faces no consequences, we should all be worried that disgusting people like him run free in our country.

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