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Andi Dorfman returns as new bachelorette


“The Bachelorette” returned on Monday, May 19, 2014 with the new bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, meeting 25 potential new husbands.

Dorfman, 27, was on the last season of “The Bachelor” with the infamous Juan Pablo Galavis. After winning the heart of America, it was impossible for ABC not to ask her to return as the new bachelorette.

She took a temporary leave from her career as a district attorney in Atlanta, Georgia.

Freshman Jess Benitez said, “It is really impressive that she is a district attorney. She is really smart and gorgeous! She deserves a good guy, unlike Juan Pablo, and hopefully she meets one on this season.”

She also left behind her family, including her dad, Hy Lewis Dorfman.

On the episode Hy Lewis said to Dorfman, “When you’re down to the final two and you come down here, I hope there’s no doubt in your mind which is the right one.”

Dorfman met the 25 men in a gorgeous metallic dress with rhinestones spread all over.

Like every other season, each man came out of a limo and introduced himslef, some more entertaining than others. All were dressed to the 9s.

Tasos grabbed Dorfman’s attention with a lock and discussed the Lover’s Bridge in Paris. They locked it on a gate and had her make a wish and throw away the key.

After he left, Dorfman commented how adorable it was.

Anonymous said, “Tasos is definitely one of my favorite of the men. He is attractive and seems like a true gentleman. He seems to know what a girl would like and it looks like he is a romantic.”

Marquel showed off his personality and impressed Dorfman with a cookie tasting at the first cocktail party.

Another favorite included Eric, an explorer that brought two dolls from Peru a little girl gave him while traveling there.

In the beginning of the episode, the host, Chris Harrison explained that Eric passed away after the Bachelorette was filmed.

The whole season was dedicated to him and Harrison said Eric was a man with a lot of, “passion and a courageous spirit.”

Some missed the mark, like Patrick who brought up her ex and kicked a soccer ball to her to show off.

Another man with a bad first impression was Emil who told Dorfman to remember his name as anal with an ‘M’.

Jason, an ER doctor from Wisconsin, said that he would evaluate Dorfman like he does at his job and said, “I think you have a fever because you look pretty hot.”

A previous man on Emily’s season of the bachelorette, Chris Bukowski, could not resist meeting the beautiful bachelorette.

He said to Harrison that he camped out for days, waiting until they began filming.

He brought flowers for her, but that was not enough for Dorfman who rejected his stay out of respect of the other 25 men.

Dorfman did however, give a “first impression” rose to one special guy, Nick V.

As part of the show, the bachelorette must give a rose to the men she wants to stay. Those who do not receive a rose must go home. The men that did not get a rose were Emil, Jason, Josh B., Mike, Rudie, and Steven.

“The Bachelorette” airs every Monday at 8/7c.

Who do you think Andi will be engaged to based on their first impressions?

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