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Amazon Acquires New Internet Pharmacy and Rebrands to ‘Amazon Pharmacy,’ promoting its CEO

PillPack, the Internet pharmacy that Amazon bought out in 2018, has updated its logo design

and other legalities to include a new "Amazon Pharmacy" brand. Additionally, sources say its

CEO has been promoted to vice president within Amazon.

PillPack specializes in fulfilling prescriptions simultaneously as well as mailing them to

customers in labeled packages that clearly state medical information to the user. Statistics show that customers tend to be older and on multiple medications however, Amazon could enter other areas by serving patients who have scarce medical needs, or by adding a pharmacy to its retail store chains, such as Whole Foods.

Amazon has also been promoting PillPack to its customers within a landing page to introduce

Prime members to the service. Amazon Pharmacy could be a different type of pharmacy for the industry, one that distributes all kinds of packages and prescriptions. Another signal of PillPack's growing importance was indicated through its leadership. According to CNBC, the company's CEO, TJ Parker, received a promotion over the summer after impressing high-level executives with his pharmaceutical knowledge.

CNBC reported that PillPack is now in communication with insurance companies to negotiate

contracting deals. The innovative pharmacy is also taking on competition within the space,

including a legal battle with Surescripts, an e-prescribing company, over a patient data dispute. In recent months, PillPack has expanded its team and currently has numerous openings across its various offices.

PillPack isn't Amazon's only health-related company. Amazon is also working on Amazon Care, a primary care clinic for its own employees. Amazon is also engaged in an initiative called Haven, with JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway, which transpires to bring down the cost and improve the quality of healthcare.

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