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‘AHS: Freak Show’ bittersweet season finale

by CAROLINE GAVURA Section Editor

Just when you thought “American Horror Story: Freak Show” couldn’t get anymore…well… freakier, the season finale kicked it up a notch.

After Neil Patrick Harris’s character, Chester, turned himself into the police for committing a series of murders, it was only fitting that serial killer Dandy Mott took his place as leader of the freak show.

Unpopular opinion: I just LOVE Dandy. From his amazing wardrobe (featuring a fabulous fur coat) to rock hard abs or psychotic thought process, he was definitely my favorite character this season.

While spoiled Dandy just wants to be part of the show, the freaks let him know (through brutal violence, of course) that there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen.

Embarrassed and enraged, Dandy did what Dandy does best – go on a rampant killing spree. Armed with a very fashionable gold revolver, Dandy ruthlessly killed Paul the Seal Boy, Legless Suzi, Amazon Eve, and Barbara the Fat Lady.

Only Bette, Dott, Jimmy, and Desiree remained alive to take Dandy down.

“I think the whole season was leading up to Dandy’s murder. I knew he wasn’t going to kill that many people and get away with it,” said senior Casey Schieda.

After a forced marriage between Dandy and Bette and Dott at his home, Jimmy and Desiree join the twins to ambush Dandy by slipping him something to knock him out.

Finally, justice was served to Dandy, the biggest freak of all, when the group trapped him in a tank and drowned him – all while watching in front row seats with popcorn! How lovely.

After Dandy’s murder, the show flashes forward to show Elsa Mars’s now well-respected career in show business.

Since leaving her beloved Freak Show, Mars starred in several films and began a rather serious drinking problem.

While she is in the midst of a somewhat downward spiral, after the press gets ahold on the old snuff film responsible for her disability, she is told that all of her freaks have been killed.

Elsa then makes the drastic decision to perform on Halloween, knowing she would most likely get a visit from the spirit of Edward Mordrake, who appeared earlier in the series to curse some of the freaks and make them travel with him for all of eternity.

Elsa sings yet another David Bowie song (“Heroes”!!!) and the remaining freaks are shown watching her performance.

Bette and Dott, now married to Jimmy (and pregnant!), along with Desiree and her new family, all smiled watching their old friend.

Once Mordrake appeared, Elsa was killed and transported to another place – Heaven or Hell, to be honest I’m not quite sure – and is met with all of her old friends who had been killed in the previous scenes.

“I thought it was a perfect ending for the series. I’m glad. Elsa got to perform with her old friends again and the other freaks found happiness as well,” said senior Tiffany Goncalves.

As always, Ryan Murphy has kept the plot for next season under wraps, although he did say he had dropped some hints in “Freak Show”.

What do you think the next season will be about?

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