Aaron Carter – remember him?

by EMILY BEZERRA Staff Writer

After over a decade of being MIA, pop sensation Aaron Carter is finally making a comeback with his world-wide tour The After Party.

Carter, 25, was a huge celebrity during the early 2000s. Most of you recognize him for his hit song “I Want Candy” and his album “Aaron’s Party”.

Since 2002, Carter has been heard from very infrequently. However, shortly after the new year began, he announced he would be making new music and touring the US from February to May performing it. Tour dates and locations can be found here.

Carter turned to Geo Hubela, professional dancer/choreographer and owner of ICON Dance Compex, to choreograph his performances for The After Party Tour. Carter spent most days in early February in the studio with Hubela before his first concert on February 22.

“I remember walking into dance one day and seeing Aaron Carter standing in the front of the studio…I couldn’t put a name to his face at first but he looked awfully familiar. Then it hit me, I was like THAT’S AARON CARTER! It brought back so many memories,” says sophomore Jackie Hur.

Carter is one of the youngest male solo artists to have four Top 40 singles. The pop sensation began his career at age seven, and made a name for himself over the next five years with his music and concerts.

One of his first albums, “Surfin’ USA,” was extremely popular in Germany and Japan, as well as the US. He also had a hit single featured on the “Pokemon: The First Movie” soundtrack.

Carter toured with and performed opening numbers for famous musicians such as The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. He also made appearances on Nickelodeon, which set the stage for his next album “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)”, which he released in 2000. The following year he came out with his new album “Oh Aaron” and finally “Another Earthquake!” in 2002.

“I think every little girl had a crush on Aaron, it’s weird seeing him now in his 20s,” says sophomore Brina Haugland.

Tickets are still available for his next show in New Jersey on March 7 at The Stone Pony. That will be his last performance in New Jersey, but you can still catch him in New York in May.

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