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A new face at MTHS

by ROSA LOCICERO Staff Writer

If you have ever seen a very tall guy with a beard who is always smiling, you have probably seen the new addition to the faculty this year. Mr. Ryan Parker is the new science teacher who teaches lab and honors biology.

Before working at MTHS, Mr. Parker had a job teaching biology, AP environmental science, and anatomy and physiology at Franklin High School where he got to perform many dissections and labs.

He decided to transfer to MTHS for three main reasons: “First, I had learned from fellow MTHS teachers how wonderful the high school is.  Another reason was that the administration, faculty, students, and parents were very involved with the school too. Lastly the school offers to both the faculty and the students more advanced technology than other schools,” said Mr. Parker.

After working in the school for a few months, his favorite part is the block scheduling, as it provides him with more time to help students understand the material. Block scheduling allows students to remain with one teacher for 80 minutes. The teachers and students value this because of how helpful it can be to those learning and to the people who need to teach difficult subjects.

Freshman Amanda Burdge said, “Block scheduling really does help during science because it gives us more time to learn and understand the science lessons which can be really hard and hard to follow.”

Mr. Parker teaches his students about the cells in humans, plants, and animals through visuals and apps like Goodreader on the iPad. Students download his PowerPoints from his webpage and read along as he teaches from his own iPad.

Since he was little, a part of him had always wanted to be a teacher. He had always liked the school environment and his uncle is a retired teacher whose stories inspired him to get a career in teaching. He decided to teach science because of how fascinated he was by it growing up.

After college, he decided to work with genetics at a pharmaceutical job, yet decided that was not the field for him. He went back to school for his teaching degree, but does not regret his past job because it was more knowledge he could give to his students.

His favorite thing about being a teacher is the impact he has on students’ lives, and being able to make a difference and the rewarding feeling that comes from being able to pass on knowledge regarding science.

Freshman Dania Perret said, “He’s a good teacher, and really good at helping me understand some of the things we learn when he explains it.”

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