A day in the life of a retiree

by MARIAH THOMPSON Section Editor

Feel like just not working or going to school for the rest of your life? Well, retirement is the answer for you, but you are still going to have to work for a good amount of your life.

Every year, thousands of people retire from their job, a moment that usually takes years of hard work to achieve.

Normally, people retire around the age of 60 or older. Retirees usually have a plan for retiring, especially when it comes to money. Everyone starts saving money for retirement at different ages, but it is very important to do so to live well after you have retired. The road to get there may be difficult, but after a person retires with enough financial stability, the fun begins.

Maria Naverette, a retiree for six, years said, “I absolutely love being retired. It gives me the opportunity to do things that I have always wanted to do, but never had the time to. In a way, it makes me feel young again since I do not have to worry about much. But, if I were to give a word of advice, save your money!”

Naverette and other retirees like herself enjoy life in a development where only retired people are allowed to reside. These complexes usually have busses that pick them up and bring them to grocery stores to go food shopping, the mall and many other places.

Naverette’s neighbors, Maria and Dan Johnston, said, “Living in this complex is so helpful to us and our family. They do not need to worry about us getting around because we’ll always have transportation to go places we need.”

Typical mornings of retirees consist of a morning exercise, like a stroll in the park or going to their place of worship. The possibilities are endless.

“In my mornings, I like to get up very early so I can get a front spot in yoga class. I usually drink a light smoothie before and then have a heavier breakfast after,” Naverette says about her mornings, “and usually on the weekends, I plan for my grandchildren to come over.”

In the afternoon, retirees seem to enjoy hanging around at senior centers.

Monroe Township is known for their senior centers due to the extravagant features it has. Think of almost anything seniors enjoy doing and they will have it.

Programs include arts and crafts, knitting, playing tennis, poker, bingo and many more.

Inside Monroe’s senior center on Applegarth Road you will find yourself surrounded by countless seniors eager to talk and participate in activities.

Four-year retiree, Helen and her husband George, said, “We come here pretty often. There are lots of things to do and I know for sure that if we’re coming here, we sure won’t be bored! I can do what I want, like play cards with the boys and she can gossip with her girlfriends.”

However, senior centers are not the only place where retirees do fun activities.

Many go to places like the YMCA that offer water aerobics where people come to strengthen their muscles in the pool, and they often use flotation devices to work out muscles.

Nora Rodriguez, a two-year retiree, said, “Working out in the water is usually what I do in my free time. Since I am retired, I have a lot of free time and I might as well spend it doing something good for my body!”

After retirement, many people begin to become more involved in their community and religion. They like to go to local town meetings and give their input.

Naverette said, “Now that I actually have the time, I can help my community become a better place. I like to set up food drives, especially around Thanksgiving time.”

She goes on to explain how she is also able to attend mass almost everyday since she does not have to work.

Another favorite thing retirees love to do is spend time with their loved ones, especially those who have grandchildren.

“My grandchildren are my whole world! Some people fear being a grandmother because it makes them think they are getting old, but for me? Nope, that is definitely not the case. Being a retiree allows me to be an even bigger part in their lives. And I am sure my kids love it because being retired means I can watch my grandchildren for a night or two,” Naverette said.

The night for retirees mainly consists of everyone’s favorite activity – sleep. They are able to go to bed and wake up whenever they want.

Yet not all retirees just go to sleep at night; some like to hang out with their other friends who are also retired.

Naverette said, “The nights where I don’t go to sleep early, I usually hang out with my girlfriends. To feel young again and relive my ‘glory days’, well maybe just turned down a notch, you know? To be honest with you, we mainly just gossip about the things we see going on at the senior center or do the most typical thing people think senior citizens do, play bingo!”

One of the best things about being retired is the fact that a retiree can go on vacation whenever he/she desires. There is no need to make sure you have enough days to take off or worry about how much work is going to be waiting for you when you get back.

The life of a retiree honestly is the life. Retired people get to do so many activities basically whenever they want. Feel like making a quilt at the senior center this afternoon? Go for it. Want to take a nice jog through the neighborhood? Go ahead. Want to go tour Europe with your significant other? Well, why not? The possibilities are endless when a person has reached retirement. I mean, a person earns it after he/she has worked their whole life.

What would your day consist of if you were retired?

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