A big blue mistake

There is nothing more disappointing than having your relaxing night ruined by seaweed. When turning to a Lush bath bomb to get rid of stress, I do not recommend the Big Blue.

At first, the Big Blue comes off as tranquil and peaceful, and smelling of lavender. However, once you “plop” the bomb into the water, it erupts and reveals its true colors.

The bomb starts dissolving, turning the water blue and releasing strands of seaweed, more specifically kelp. Kelp is brown in color and slimy to the touch. It comes in small strands that look similar to maggots or cockroaches. The kelp clumps together around your drain and sides of the tub, looking like bugs crawling out from the depths of the ground. Personally, I do not want to relax in what looks like maggots coming out of my drain.

Along with the new-found seaweed, the lavender scent mutates into a musky, strong smell when mixed with the kelp. The hint of lemon mixes with salt water and the strong kelp smell. I would not wish this scent upon my worst enemy.

The strong smell can and will travel through the house. Next thing you know, your relaxing experience is tainted by the sounds of sneezes coming from the room next to you. The smell, like the clumps of kelp, refuses to leave. It lasted a week in my house before I finally decided to bleach and wash down my whole bathroom.

If you actually do decide to step in the bath, you will be immediately overwhelmed by a sense of slime and irritation. This experience is far from the rocky ocean waves you would imagine. The water is still, and the unmoving nature causes the smell and “life-like experience” to stick to your body. If on accident your hair fell into the water, I suggest chopping it all off and buying a wig for the time being.

“The seaweed was clinging all over me. It was incredibly gross. After 10 minutes I got out and took a shower,” says freshman Amanda Bruce.

The seaweed itself is not very kind to your skin or the actual tub. It leaves a residue along the sides, clogs the drain, and leaves you itching when you step out.

“My mom was furious at me for the mess it made in the bathroom,” says freshman Alexa Quinn.

The bomb is a disappointment and an embarrassment to Lush. When looking on their website, it describes the bomb as “relaxing to the body and mind.” In reality, it is nothing of the sort.

The Big Blue bath bomb, which is in fact a big seaweed contraption, left me itchy, frustrated and, in the end, sitting on my bathroom floor crying because “all the bad things happen to me.”

In the future, I suggest investing in a candle.

After this, if you do go out and spend $6.50 on this Big Blue mistake, I have one question for you – how on earth do you find soaking in kelp relaxing?

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