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9/11 plane remains uncovered as memorial nears completion

by ANDREA FRENCH Section Editor 

Remains from one of the planes crashed into the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001 was discovered Wednesday April 24 between two buildings a block away from where the towers once stood.

Police are trying to identify exactly what they have stumbled upon, but know it is a piece from one of the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center. A technician from the company Boeing confirmed that the piece is a support structure from a trailing edge flap on the wing of a Boeing 767.

The piece was discovered wedged between two buildings at 51 Park Place, the piece being about 18 inches wide. Ironically, the location was directly behind the controversial Islamic Mosque or community center, commonly known as the “ground zero mosque.”

The five-foot long, four-foot wide, and 17 inch deep piece was removed from between these building with a fork lift, and was sent off to a secure location to be analyzed.

The common thought between anyone who heard about the piece of the plane was wondering if there were any human remains from the victims of this terrorist attack. As of Wednesday, May 1, there were no human remains found.

“I feel like there is always some headline in the news about September 11, and it is really depressing.  When I heard about this story in the news, my first thought was wondering if there were human remains found, if they were going to identify the remains and then tell the families about it. Thank goodness there weren’t any human remains because this is already too much for morning families to handle,” says sophomore Michael Perrotta.

This story appears in the headlines around the same time of the final completion of the memorial being built in honor of the innocent lives lost.

It seems no matter how much time passes, there will always be something in the news to constantly remind us of the tragedies that occurred that day. One of the terrible things about losing someone on September 11 was that not a lot of bodies were found, which left families with little to comfort the loss of a loved one. Now that is all changing with the brand new 9/11 memorial located directly where the Twin Towers once were.

The memorial consists of two large square pools directly in the footprint of the towers.  The pools have the names of each and every victim lost that day etched into stone around the pools.

Photo/AP Images

The greatly anticipated museum that is part of the memorial has not really been talked about until recently.  It has not been announced when exactly the museum is going to be opening, but “60 Minutes” covered exactly what is going to be in the museum.  From what anyone could see, the museum had most of its key features completed already.

The goal of the museum is solely to educate visitors about exactly what happened. Creators of the museum were trying to decide if it was appropriate to show pictures and names of the men who hijacked the planes and were the coordinators of the terrorist attack. They decided that is was appropriate and there will be pictures of these men.

“I cannot wait until I can go and visit the museum.  I have been to the memorial park looking at the two pools, and I can’t wait until the museum is done to get a full look at what happened on that horrific day,” says sophomore Casey Schieda.

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