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5 ways to stay calm for finals

Now that June is finally here, students feel happy and eager to get out of school for summer break. Unfortunately, June also brings along final exams before reaching summer days.

Students become over-stressed from worrying about getting the perfect grade. By trying these five techniques, students can become more relaxed as finals approach.

1. Listening to music: By jamming out to any genre of music from pop to classical, anyone can dance their stress away. While studying, you can pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite songs while still staying focused. Listening to music can help improve focus. Another option would be to take a dance break and listen. This is a great way to put someone in a calm mood while getting ready for finals.

Freshman Jagger Agnew says, “I relax by not thinking about finals when I don’t need to and doing things I like to do when I’m not studying. Listening to music helps me get into a good mood when I’m studying and helps me focus on what I’m doing.”

2. Yoga/Breathing exercises: Anyone can easily access breathing exercise videos or yoga tutorials on YouTube. These videos can help you relax in mere minutes. By watching these videos at any time of the day, your mood can turn around completely. This is a quick and easy way to relieve stress and just breathe.

Freshman Katrina Senatra says, “I make sure to study a bit each night so that I don’t get too overwhelmed when finals come. By remembering to just breathe, I can focus on studying and not get too stressed out.”

3. Getting a good night’s sleep: Getting enough hours of sleep is the key to feeling awake and content. Having more energy throughout the school day will lead to being focused in class and staying awake. This will overall help the way you feel and act during the day.

Junior Justine Nagrowski says, “I think that relaxation is very important. Even though high school can be overwhelming, it’s still important to get a good night’s sleep and relax when you have any free time.”

4. Watching a movie: Look up your favorite movie on Netflix or on tv and take a break from studying. You can make some popcorn, grab a comfy blanket, and watch the movie you love. Even though it is a little more time-consuming, this is an awesome way to relax and spend time with friends or family.

5. Studying: Being prepared for finals is the most important thing to do. By studying and going over the material, you can feel much better about getting a good grade on your tests. Although it will take a decent amount of time, this will help anyone stay more relaxed knowing that they have gone over the material and are confident with it.

Senior Breanna Craparotta says, “I make sure to study so I am comfortable with the material on the tests. For the most part, I remember what I’ve done throughout the year and keep a solid grade so I do not have to worry about getting a good grade on the final to pass my classes.”

By using these five techniques, anyone can feel less stressed and relaxed about taking the final exams.

Which technique do you use when getting ready for final exams? Why?

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